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A Practical Pressure Point Attack......

There are many well documented pressure points that are well known in the martial arts. However, for self-defense training the focus is always on techniques that are… 248 more words

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Watch "Rear naked choke details with Black Belt Jack Taufer" on YouTube

I like… very nice with some┬ásubtle details!!

Published on May 7, 2015

Dave Kama black belt, Jack Taufer shows some valuable details when going for the Rear naked Choke. 14 more words


11th Jeddah Self-Defense Class

Session 11: 29/6/36 – 18/4/15

  • Falling safely and getting up
  • Takedowns
  • Ground control
  • Armlocks
  • Basic striking & defense
  • Not giving your back / multiple attackers scenario…
  • 30 more words
Jeddah Self Defense

Armbar Escape from the Rear Mount

First half is an interesting rear mount transition from rear naked choke to an armbar. Latter half shows how to escape against it. As soon as you feel the Kimura grip, don’t let the other elbow pass your head! 10 more words


KCBJJ Presents: Rear Naked Choke Flow Series

Everybody, from a UFC fanboy in his freshly bedazzled Affliction shirt to the most knuckle gnarled BJJ veteran, knows how to execute a rear naked choke. 184 more words

Sneaky Lapel Choke from a failed Rear Naked Choke

A lot of times I find myself in a frustrating situation. I manage to get my arm under the chin of my opponent but I can’t seem to finish the choke. 157 more words


Policing Jiu Jitsu: An Insiders Perspective of the Use and Misuse of the Rear Naked Choke

Given the history of grappling, the rear naked choke (RNC) has likely been the most effective grappling technique of all time. Greek statues have even depicted the movement in sculpture. 939 more words