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Rearranging Life's Furniture

I found myself late one night rearranging the furniture in my living room. I had no intention of rearranging furniture when I woke up that morning, but like most things in life it just sort of happened. 340 more words


The Ultimate in Decluttering Part III--6 Years Later

It’s been six years since our move from the USA to Israel when I wrote ‘The Ultimate in Decluttering’. This was before I officially called myself Klutter Koach.   550 more words

Rearranging Priorities — Medium

My husband and I are going to a wedding this weekend. I’m going to put on a dressy outfit, some makeup, and maybe — if I can squeeze it in… 13 more words

The Return

Returning to Rockport, my initial urge is to get everything perfect, so armed with cleaning stuffs I begin the process of getting all things in order. 254 more words


My bathroom

So I just organized my bathroom cabinet but i didn’t take before pics because i didn’t know I was going to want to blog about it. 190 more words


MPM1D Pythagorean Theorem 2016-04-18

We started the class with some fraction practice. We’re going to do that from time to time to help improve those skills.

Then we looked at the Pythagorean Theorem. 126 more words


MPM1D Rearranging Formulas 2016-04-15

We did a quick recap and then spent the period practising rearranging formulas. Here is the page that I gave you:

A Bazillion Formulas

Spend up to 20 minutes on these this weekend; you don’t need to complete the entire page. 18 more words