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Drunk Man in the Basement

Sometimes when God is trying to get a point across He chooses to do it in the most dramatic way possible so that we do not forget the point of the story.   765 more words

Challenging myself

I went to the gym this morning. A little later than I had planned, but I dragged myself out of the wonderful, WONDERFUL new bed, got my gym clothes on, ate my small something, and got myself down there by 9:30. 708 more words


Now, don’t get to excited but I’ve added a few Fall touches for your inspirational enjoyment. It’s rather simple. Again, I took existing things and switched them out a bit for a more Autumn look. 380 more words


Compassion For Self And Vulnerability

I am going through a massive internal rearranging process. The latest thing I am working on is having compassion for myself. It s hard to explain how I got to this point, but there was a sudden shift recently and even though for many years I ve heard “it wasn t your fault” over and over relating to past abuse, it never sunk in. 42 more words

All Tired out!

We were away for a few weeks in August. Not a good time to leave your plants to the elements…especially when the elements are 32 degrees and no rain for the whole 3 weeks!!! 185 more words

Summer Containers

The Leftovers

Perhaps I’m one of the few that actually enjoys leftovers. I’m usually okay with nuking what I made for dinner the night before, and also okay with the potential dryness and lack of freshness it brings with it. 871 more words

Rearranging Formulae (Step by Step)

This is a brilliant idea from Don Steward for kicking off with rearranging formulae.  The thief in me is at work!

MEDIAN Don Steward secondary maths teaching: rearrangement steps.