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Hoarder Fears

Why do we hold on to things? And how do we let things go so that we can make room for new?

I ask these questions because I have a fear of becoming a hoarder. 496 more words


waste not want not...

Continuing with the waste of Overproduction…

Since writing the previous post on using the ‘lean’ principles in everyday and domestic life to add value by avoiding waste I am very conscious of buying too much and creating future waste – I just have to look around my house to see the result of this. 1,076 more words



Yesterday, I rearrange a couple of cupboards in the kitchen so they looked better and were more convenient for us to use. Today, I was feeling a little bored and ended up rearranging my bookshelf since the last time I had set it up was when we had got it and I’ve gotten a few more books since then. 357 more words


learning to live a little leaner...

My final day at work yesterday for a whole week – yay! – I am winding down today but as soon as I can pack a few things and jump in the car on Saturday we are headed for Scotland.  1,307 more words


Home Organization Magic

Take most of what you know about the home organizing process and toss it out with your huge pile of donations. Marie Kondo has arrived on the Western front and her book has completely blown my mind.   661 more words


The Deck is Back!

We spend a LOT of time on our deck. It is a race track, drawing surface, and more. And it was looking, well, a little sad.   302 more words


A bit of re-arranging

I got the itch the other day.  The itch to figure out a better way to arrange our oddly step-shaped living room.  Though this room has seen a number of updates since we moved in, our lives continue to change as our little girl continues to grow and change.   468 more words

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