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good wine, good food, good company and a good clean up...

As you may have noticed there has been a short break in transmission recently – for no other reason than I have been a little busy.  796 more words


The Three-Way Switch: A bedroom moving operation (Part 1)

In a way, not moving was a little bit of a disappointment for me personally. I have a love for rearranging furniture and reorganizing rooms, and I was ready for a new room to play with. 405 more words


simplifying and the art of ritual...

I realised today that I have taken on too many commitments for the end of the week and I am going to have to try to rearrange some for another day.  1,025 more words


be prepared...

Whilst we had a really good time on safari at the weekend it all took quite a bit of planning and it is in this area that I find I need to take some control over and look at simplifying the procedure of preparation and packing for an event. 1,078 more words


simply reading and planning and doing...

What a shock to the system being back at work this week and how tired I have been each night  – far too tired to blog.   1,270 more words


Meddlesome Family

My grandmother was a lovely woman. Unlike Gladys Kravitz, she wouldn’t meddle in anyone’s life to save her soul. She didn’t gossip and I never heard her say anything bad about anyone, except for Grandpa, and it was muttered under her breath. 183 more words


hot off the labeller...

After all the decluttering, reorganising and reshuffling of the last few days I have everything labelled to perfection – even my dear hubby –  (though he doesn’t fit neatly into any of my storage boxes)!   757 more words