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The Return

Returning to Rockport, my initial urge is to get everything perfect, so armed with cleaning stuffs I begin the process of getting all things in order. 254 more words


My bathroom

So I just organized my bathroom cabinet but i didn’t take before pics because i didn’t know I was going to want to blog about it. 190 more words


MPM1D Pythagorean Theorem 2016-04-18

We started the class with some fraction practice. We’re going to do that from time to time to help improve those skills.

Then we looked at the Pythagorean Theorem. 126 more words


MPM1D Rearranging Formulas 2016-04-15

We did a quick recap and then spent the period practising rearranging formulas. Here is the page that I gave you:

A Bazillion Formulas

Spend up to 20 minutes on these this weekend; you don’t need to complete the entire page. 18 more words


Melancholy Malarky

Without realizing it, melancholy sets in. It doesn’t give you a warning. Doesn’t write you a memo. A secretary doesn’t call you to warn that it would be coming. 411 more words


MPM1D Rearranging Formulas (Equations) 2016-04-14

We worked on rearranging formulas today. This is different than what we’ve done before because a formula will contain more than one variable. It shows a relationship between variables. 156 more words


Finally home alone for the weekend 

Spent my weekend cleaning and rearranging my apartment. I’m hoping it’ll stay this clean when Greg comes back. So much room, for almost a year now we still haven’t bought a couch and we need one soon! 16 more words