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A date 

I did it. I have a date tonight. And I’m excited about it. It feels good to know I’m desired and intriguing. We have a lot in common and he’s a gentleman, and handsome. 12 more words


Halloween 2015

I hate doing this alone. Not because I do it without help, but because I can’t share this with someone. And not because I want anyone, but because there is a large missing piece to our lives.

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Drunk Man in the Basement

Sometimes when God is trying to get a point across He chooses to do it in the most dramatic way possible so that we do not forget the point of the story.   765 more words

Challenging myself

I went to the gym this morning. A little later than I had planned, but I dragged myself out of the wonderful, WONDERFUL new bed, got my gym clothes on, ate my small something, and got myself down there by 9:30. 708 more words


Now, don’t get to excited but I’ve added a few Fall touches for your inspirational enjoyment. It’s rather simple. Again, I took existing things and switched them out a bit for a more Autumn look. 380 more words


Compassion For Self And Vulnerability

I am going through a massive internal rearranging process. The latest thing I am working on is having compassion for myself. It s hard to explain how I got to this point, but there was a sudden shift recently and even though for many years I ve heard “it wasn t your fault” over and over relating to past abuse, it never sunk in. 42 more words

All Tired out!

We were away for a few weeks in August. Not a good time to leave your plants to the elements…especially when the elements are 32 degrees and no rain for the whole 3 weeks!!! 185 more words

Summer Containers