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Come As You Are

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Generally, I can either watch or live tweet any new ‘

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End, Don't Extend, the Draft - Sheldon Richman

Here’s a clue: the draft is slavery. It is short-term slavery at best, but it’s possibly debilitating and even fatal. Thus registration with Selective Service is—surprise!—registration for possible enslavement. 26 more words


The Latest Insanity From Your Political Class

Reason magazine is a great magazine for those Americans that are concerned and interested about freedom in America. Their articles are well written, well researched, and are much more connected with reality than most options in the main stream media. 1,462 more words

Reason asks why Democrats have difficulty with math when it comes to firearms

I love Reason’s articles so very, very much.  I can always count on them to be levelheaded when it comes to this topic:

This week, in an editorial titled “

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Gun Control Dishonesty