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Hope for the future

John Mackey is co-founder of Whole Foods, which is all about locally sourced this and organic that and fair-trade whatever. The grocery chain started in 1980, and as CEO he carefully studies core customers – snobs willing to pay higher prices (hence the chain’s nickname, “Whole Paycheck.”) 257 more words


Reason: Obama is obviously a warmongering president

About Steve Chapman, writer of record of this article at Reason Magazine:
Hillary’s Appetite for War

The author says “The president himself is partly to blame” for getting Democrat Party members and followers and the public “inured” to war. 871 more words

Foreign Affairs

The Environmental Case for School Choice - Nick Gillespie and Joshua Swain

Allowing parents to stay in cities can help families and alleviate traffic congestion.

“There’s a tremendous amount of money spent on infrastructure just to get people from where they live to where they work, “says… 53 more words


The Feds Have Failed Veterans, but the Private Sector Is Picking Up the Slack - Justin Monticello

Survey results and death penalty statistics reveal a shocking truth about veterans’ mistreatment, but there’s hope beyond Uncle Sam.

The federal government’s ability to care for returning veterans and set them up for success in civilian life has proved woefully inadequate for decades. 116 more words


John Kasich Explains "The Problem with Marijuana" - Nick Gillespie

“The problem with marijuana is this,” Ohio Gov. John Kasich explained to Stephen Colbert on The Late Show the other night, “We don’t want to tell our kids ‘don’t do drugs, but by they way, this one is OK.” 143 more words


Why We Can't Have Open Borders: Immigration and Welfare

If your hands are in my wallet you have my attention.

Thus speaks Stefan Molyneux (5:22) as he goes through the latest statistics on welfare usage between native-born Americans and immigrants.

915 more words