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Agree or Disagree?: Rand Paul Should Go Libertarian or Go Home - Nick Gillespie

A recent Los Angeles Times story by Lisa Mascaro argues that “After sagging in fundraising, Rand Paul 2.0 reboots campaign.” The thesis is that the Kentucky Republican is failing to gain traction with GOP conservatives and is consciously trying to re-align himself with libertarian-leaning voters. 426 more words


Rand on Iran: Making The Perfect the Enemy of the Good?

Almost immediately following the resolution of the infamous Vienna negotiations (though not quite as quickly as some of his fellow 2016 hopefuls), Rand Paul released a statement via Twitter spelling out his opposition to the deal in concise terms. 697 more words

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Reason magazine and the Gag Order

Here’s the Popehat blogger on the gag order against reason magazine

And here is a letter (google doxxed for your convenience) from Reason Foundation president David Nott on the situation.

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Balancing Gay Rights and Religious Rights

Gay marriage rights are considered a big win among libertarians, but there are thorny issues on the horizon as LGBT activists contest certain liberties of other groups. 1,320 more words

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Analysis of the SCOTUS Obamacare Decision

I’m not a legal scholar so here’s my in-depth overview: It sucks.

If you want to read a serious analysis, Professor Jacobson is your man. 9 more words


Ted Olson speaks to reason donors

Ted Olson speaks on marriage equality to reason donors and staffers at Oyamel. Audience included Congressman Jared Polis, toking Judge Douglas H. Ginsburg, recently gay Reason Foundation president  44 more words

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