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Reasons to be Cheerful #6

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Yet another iffy week unfortunately, with the sprogs and Paul coming down with a short-lived vomiting bug, followed by general… 452 more words


Reasons to be Cheerful #5

Another week and I’m not feeling particularly thankful or cheerful.

This is a house of lurgy today; just scrawl a red cross on our door and have done with it. 290 more words

Positive Thinking

#R2BC Thursday's #GoodNews - Budget Free

Seeing a mention of politics can all to often be a serious downer for me. It, all to often, heralds clouds of, almost fanatic, zeal and bile in equal measure on my social media feed and any chance of sensible debate is a long forgotten memory. 108 more words


#R2BC Wednesday's #GoodNews - Context is Everything

Seeing a few discussions running around today I’m seeing them in a different light than a few of my friends. Part of that, is me getting a little older and coming to the debate with a different perspective. 190 more words


#R2BC Wednesday's #GoodNews - Running Down to Cuba

With the thawing of relations between the USA and Cuba over the past months, it’s fair to say that, Cuba has been turning up in R2BC a lot. 164 more words


Reasons to be Cheerful - June 2015

The view from the National Theatre. That we have a National Theatre and how lovely London for all it’s faults.

A morning on the allotment (that was a busy day, 24,000 steps!) 156 more words