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#R2BC Wednesday's #GoodNews - Running Down to Cuba

With the thawing of relations between the USA and Cuba over the past months, it’s fair to say that, Cuba has been turning up in R2BC a lot. 164 more words


Reasons to be Cheerful - June 2015

The view from the National Theatre. That we have a National Theatre and how lovely London for all it’s faults.

A morning on the allotment (that was a busy day, 24,000 steps!) 156 more words


#R2BC Monday's #GoodNews - #LoveWins

I’d usually expect more stories to come out of a weekend, especially on the sporty side of things.
However, with news like the US Supreme Court finally ending the controversy… 116 more words


Reasons to be cheerful Pt 4

In the words of the immortal Ian Dury back in 1979, we all need “reasons to be cheerful pt3.”┬áJust saying it does not make it so. 181 more words


Reasons to be Cheerful

So. Nothing has changed since my last post. I am still bored, still jobless and still decidedly maudlin. The two most exciting things I have done in those few days have been going to a candle party (me neither) and finding out how to keep a poppy alive for a number of days (burning the base of the stalk). 321 more words