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27 Reasons Why Nothing Matters

So, this is you: View this image › 1. This is you from about 30,000 feet. Cruising altitude: View this image › Via Flickr: benjy Pretty. 146 more words

The Reasons You're Unhappy With Your Home

A new survey found 72% of people are unhappy with their home. Here’s why…

A new survey found 72% of people are unhappy with their HOME. 68 more words


Top Reasons Why You Need to Redesign Your Old Website - PST Design

If your website isn’t as effective as you’d like, maybe it’s time for a make-over. A tired looking, static, site is not an effective marketing tool. 13 more words

Dear Diary

Worst Case Scenario: Your life is stuck in a 80s movie, and pop cliché.

This is another stupid post. I am thinking of “dear Diary my teen angst bullshit has a body count” and somehow crossing it “Dear Diary, Mood apathetic”. 243 more words

I Have To Move Back Home...

For financial reasons, I need to move back in with my mom and I am dreading it so! If I knew exactly how long the stay would be, it wouldn t be that bad. 58 more words

Re-experiencing For Connection Reasons

My T made me aware a few weeks ago that constantly re-playing conversations or interactions with someone mentally has a purpose. Your mind does this to hold on to connections. 58 more words

Instructions to cry (Part I)

“Leaving the reasons aside, let’s stick to the right way to cry, understanding for this a cry that doesn’t become noise, neither insults the smile with it’s parallel and silly similarity. 42 more words