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I'm Finally Homeschooling (Here's Why)

I never thought I was the type to put my kids in homeschool.  I always saw those families as having “those” kids and moms who were homeschooling because they were turning a blind eye to science, or they weren’t getting their way with something, or they couldn’t get along with anyone.  1,174 more words

Reason 85

They don’t think this video is very funny, contrary to their dad’s opinion…




When you have sex it creates feelings of ownership for the other person. Why should we get obsessed over the wrong person? If there is any singular sin that has slain or destroyed mighty men and women as well as paralyzed their destinies, it is the sin of SEXUAL IMMORALITY . 981 more words


8  Reasons Why You Need Your Carpets Professionally Cleaned

Listed below are some good reasons why you should have your carpets professionally cleaned. If you like me you love your children but we hate the dirtiness they can create. 24 more words

5 Reasons to Install an Insulated Door

We get customers in our Garage Door Showroom all the time that know exactly how they would like their garage doors to look, but many of our customers have not given much thought to their new doors’ actual performance. 43 more words