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Welp.... That sucks. III.XXV.MMXVII

This is the Saturday update, as promised in “This isn’t a real post :P

So, I’ve got some news for you guys.

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Cat Vomiting - Is It Normal?

Why is my cat vomiting? There are different reasons why cats vomit and one simple solution. Add this inexpensive product to your cats food and see dramatic results quickly…

But Love Alone, can't Survive.

But love alone, can’t survive.

It’s been six months since she left. Six months since she decided to step out the life behind bars. Some may say it was an easy decision, but no one knew the amount of courage she needed to take to finally move her feet and take a step away. 699 more words


Its You. 

Its not the world that’s uncomfortable to live, its you only. Its you, who hate everything about world and find imperfections in everyone and everything. Its your judgemental nature. 307 more words


[Music] BRXTN - Reasons

Today, BRXTN releases the Jay Beatz produced single “Reasons”. The single Reasons was recorded at the RnBass studios in ‘Hollywood, CA’ and was released in promotion for the project ’48HRSLA’. 96 more words


Won't Let You Go

Live in my frigid tales for better or for worse

And I won’t let you go for the entire world.

Consume me like a black hole exhausting a universe… 49 more words

5 Reasons To Say "Hell Yeah" This Week

Congratulations, friend you’ve made it through yet another exhausting work week and freedom is just within your grasp. Before you skip off into the carefree satisfactions of weekend leisure, take a moment to enjoy some of the best news stories from this week. 380 more words