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Reasons why you should get the Samsung Galaxy S6 instead of the LG G4

Trying to decide whether you should get your hands on the Samsung Galaxy S6/Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge or the LG G4? If making the choice between the two is proving to be difficult, PhoneArena has come up with 7 reasons on why you should get Samsung s new flagship instead of LG s. 123 more words

What You Know About ADHD Is a Lie

Some brief points:

  • Some claim that children “grow out of” ADHD as adults. If ADHD is a true neurological condition as it has been claimed by some doctors (and not even all professionals label it as a neurological condition, some label it merely as a behavioral disorder, which is a point which will be further investigated), then it would not be possible to “outgrow” it.
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Day 94: The Reasons I Worship :) [part 1]

Well… Yeah.. This list is not really that long but knowing God, hmmm… it might just be. But for now, these are the reasons why I worship, some glimpse of what I actually write in my hard journal :) 370 more words



When I was younger, I really liked reading Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul. It was such an interesting collection of stories from teens and adults all over the country. 1,315 more words


5 Reasons Your Business Should Start Looking for Cloud Service Providers

Still wrestling whether or not you should move your business towards cloud computing? Well, aside from the fact that it’s expected to take over 80% of the market within the next decade, looking into cloud service providers is something you may want to consider. 80 more words


#40: Addict (Part 1)

NO man should expect you to give him your undivided attention every hour of everyday but no man would want to come second to anything- especially a substance. 232 more words