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A Song of Scallops and Smugglers: Beautiful Rye, England

In the South of England, about an hour by train from London, lies a gorgeously preserved specimen of a seaside medieval town.

Shipwrecks, smuggling and saltiness of all sorts figure prominently in… 536 more words


Video: Santa's Resolution

Hey you.

Yes, you. The vaguely person-shaped blob on the couch.

I know you’re full of self-loathing (who wouldn’t be, with a veritable bib of Nestlé Turtles and turkey bits clinging to their shirt?) and, even though you can’t quite sit up due to the sheer volume of sugar in your tummy, you’re already boasting about how hard you’re going to hit the elliptical as soon as 2013 rolls around.   123 more words

Health And Fitness

Berlin: Dining with the Cool-Hunter

The first clue that we really are being brought to one of Berlin’s most obscure restaurants is the fact that the bus driver seems unconvinced. Reluctantly, he flicks on the hazard lights in front of a dilapidated, graffiti-smeared fence. 1,034 more words


Berlin: Shopping for the Sorta-Cool

Berlin is, according to leading hipsters, one of the world’s edgiest cities.

But what if you’re not exactly a hipster? What if your idea of a great night is a new episode of Mad Men, a soy candle and expensive cheese that’s in an advance state of decay? 414 more words


Vienna Cafés: Three Ways

Whiling away vast amounts of time in a caffeine temple is a must for anyone who visits Vienna, especially during the depths of winter. Some of the cafés date back over a century, so you can feel quite confident sending your co-travellers off to the museum as you enjoy your own slice of history (a.k.a. 423 more words


Video: Gifts of Christmas Past

The reality of making a “man on the street” video like the one above is that 19 out of 20 people literally flee from you before you can finish your introductory sentence, which they assume is “hey, how do you fancy a solid kick in the crotch?” 212 more words


Ebenezer Scrooge was rich

Step away from that latte, big spender.

You may not know this, but your penchant for foamy, caffeinated milk is wreaking havoc on your finances with every creamy-smooth sip you take. 652 more words