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Om... A Daily Meditation Practice.

Like a lot of women, I first started meditating after reading “Eat, Pray Love” by Elizabeth Gilbert. A beautiful book that highlighted it wasn’t just monks and religious people who sat down, quietened their minds and re-centred themselves. 426 more words


We need faster rebalancing to boost UK growth

All change at the national level…

We are told that a week is a long time in politics, but it is certainly true that a year can be a long time in economics. 973 more words


Rebalancing to be Your Ideal Weight

Don’t wait until the new year. If you have been on the metabolic balance plan for a year and have more weight to lose or have stopped following the plan and want to start your journey again, now is the time to start rebalancing.   363 more words


Small Things Make A Big Difference

Judith, a metabolic balancer who lives in Benicia, CA, started her first individualized metabolic balance® plan in 2012 with the second version of the meal plan. 619 more words

Metabolic Balancer

The UK economy has rebalanced towards services and away from production

Today gives us an opportunity to look more deeply into the way that the UK economy has been rebalancing in the credit crunch era and indeed before it. 1,409 more words

General Economics

Stabilised Growth Lets China's Focus Switch To Deleveraging

GOVERNMENT STIMULUS KEPT GDP expanding at 6.7% for the first three quarters, as close to bang in the middle of the official target range of 6.5%-7% as makes no difference. 666 more words


What is spatial rebalancing and why does it matter?

In the first heady weeks of my PhD, the most common question I’ve been asked (and have asked others) after “what are you studying?” is “what made you decide to do that?”. 617 more words