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A Scorecard Of China's Economic Rebalancing

A NEWLY PUBLISHED IMF Working Paper takes the measure of Beijing’s progress in rebalancing the economy away from investment and export-driven growth to high-value-add innovation-led industry and domestic consumption. 485 more words


What is the ‘Sunderland question’? And how might the May Government and local leadership teams answer it?

I can’t help thinking that Sunderland’s pace of counting votes will henceforth come to be seen as a massive millstone around this proud city’s neck. As Sunderland delivered its BREXIT referendum victory shortly after the polls closed on June 23rd, a first highly symbolic indicator of the national BREXIT upset became apparent. 2,061 more words


LiveCleanMB Quote of the Week

I decided to make this quote after reading that obesity creeps up on you like a coral reef and just keeps moving in slow motion adding layers of fat unless you put a stop to it. 273 more words

Metabolic Balancer

Does Buying and Holding Work?

There are a lot of people that think that the stock market is all about timing. That’s because the market has been known to go up and down more than a roller coaster at a Six Flags theme park. 1,100 more words

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Rebalancing Act

Jane/Susannah/Sadie here, wondering where the summer has gone…

Financial advisors often tell us to be sure to rebalance our investment portfolios at least once a year, or whenever we have a major life change, to make sure we keep an appropriate mix of investments for whatever our life goals are. 360 more words

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How to Choose the Rebalancing Plan that is Right for You

A disciplined rebalancing plan can help you increase your portfolio returns.

A disciplined rebalancing plan can help you decrease your portfolio variance.

That is an extremely rare combination. 524 more words

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