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REPOST: This Simple Rebalancing Strategy Will Bring Harmony to Your Portfolio

When is the perfect time to sit down with your adviser and reassess investment strategies? For certain, it isn’t April 15. This article from US News strongly advises to eschew the idea of setting a definite schedule, and instead focus on the movements within your assets. 889 more words

33970 ahead

First of all: yes i know this post is delayed at least 20 days, shame on me ;)

Since early december, last time I posted here, a lot has happened. 1,873 more words


Looking at the Ver. E Re-balancing of Nisekoi

Today on Reddit a user spoiled the rest of “The One” cycle from Nisekoi ver. E to replace the “Maiden’s Heart” cycle from the Japanese version of Nisekoi and we’ll take a look at how the demons of the Japanese metagame got muzzled for their English release! 1,811 more words


Re-balancing my investments: 2015 Roth IRA contribution edition

I set my 2014 investment allocations back in December 2013 and then left them alone, which went great!

As of 01/02/2015, my investments portfolio was worth ~$164,400. 788 more words

Kundalini Awakening

A dance, this dance of movement

a shake and shiver up my spine

tails uncoiled, the serpents slither

as I connect with the divine.

Photo source: developyourenergy.net


China's deepening deflation is making its slowdown much uglier

Last year wasn’t an easy one for China’s economy. And though we’re only a few days in, 2015 is looking even tougher. In December, the producer price index—an average of the change in prices that producers charge for their wares—fell 3.3%. 491 more words

1.5.2015 New Star Team Balances the Chakras

Less than one month after my link-up with these 33 new Star Teams, I find that at least one of them is a Chakra Rebalancing Star Team.  72 more words

Star Team