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An Iterative Framework to Portfolio Management

Managing your own portfolio might seem a daunting task at first hand if you are not in the investment business, but as in all academia cliche, having an iterative framework would help in understanding the key processes. 739 more words


Who would have guessed?

Since the U.S. stock market hit bottom on March 9, 2009, during the Great Financial Crisis (GFC), the S&P 500 Index had risen a stunning 248% as of the first quarter of this year. 696 more words

Portfolio Construction

Poof goes the rollover (and my 2015 investment plan and updates to my Investment Policy Statement)

I realized in hindsight that this could have been three separate posts, but I’m going to leave it as is.

Rolling over a 401(k) is a slow process stuck in the archaic ages. 1,195 more words

Hackaday Links: April 5, 2015

found something pretty cool at Walmart. It’s a USB Lighter; basically a car cigarette lighter that’s powered by a battery and charged via USB. A few bucks will buy you a battery, charge controller, and USB plug that will deliver over 2 amps at 3.7 Volts. 257 more words


China is about to make its boldest financial reform in years

The Chinese government just announced that on May 1, it will launch an insurance program guaranteeing bank deposits, much like the US’s Federal Deposit Rate Insurance Corporation, which was instituted in 1933 to prevent bank runs. 622 more words

China is about to stop making savers subsidize wasteful state companies

For many Chinese, their country’s “miracle growth” hasn’t felt quite so miraculous. Because the government sets deposit rates artificially low—lower, usually, than inflation—Chinese have actually lost money on their savings most years. 495 more words

China's surge in exports sounds more promising than it actually is

China took economists by surprise when it reported February that its exports totaled $169 billion (link in Chinese)—a leap of nearly 50%, versus the same month last year. 416 more words