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Sunday Smiles

Don’t forget to start all weeks out like this!


The Supported Teacher

“One repays a teacher badly if one always remains nothing but a pupil.”
~ Friedrich Nietzsche, Thus Spoke Zarathustra

At my last retreat, my Beginner Channelling Intensive…

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What is the real unemployment rate in China?

The Western world has long been frustrated by the lack of reliable government data on the Chinese economy, and there is no statistic less credible than the nation’s official unemployment rate. 678 more words


What the economic geography of the 2015-16 soccer season can tell us about local growth...

I have established a short-ish tradition of welcoming each football season with a look at the Premiership (EPL) in regional terms. Although the resulting predictions have been pretty poor, an economic geography perspective for 2015/16 might look something like this. 929 more words

Core Cities

SDRs And The Yuan's Status As A Global Currency

MILESTONES ARE IMPORTANT markers. Case in point: the International Monetary Fund is likely to include the yuan in its currencies basket when it reviews the components of its Special Drawing Rights (SDRs) later this year. 1,162 more words


China May Let Its Currency Drift, But It Is Not About To Fight A Currency War

THE STATE COUNCIL last week proposed some measures that suggest to some that China is ready to indulge in bald-faced competitive devaluation to boost exports and thus growth—even if it did not cast it in those terms. 356 more words


Transport investment and the North’s development dilemmas

In June 2014 George Osborne laid out his ‘Northern Powerhouse’ concept in a speech in Manchester. He set out the four ‘ingredients’ of his vision: 249 more words

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