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Open mic piece from Justice for Our Desert

At Nevada Desert Experience‘s “Justice for Our Desert” festival at Rebar’s Funkyard on Sep. 9th, I performed my first open mic in 3 years (4 since I got banned for a comic performance gone wrong but so right, … 371 more words


Forming the Footers

Finally, we were ready to start building something! It was so exciting to actually start on the forms. Excavating the hole was of course necessary and part of the house, but at the same time it isn’t really part of the house. 80 more words

August 29, 2017

One Year Ago: August 29, 2016
Two Years Ago: August 29, 2015
Three Years Ago: August 29, 2014
Four Years Ago: August 29, 2013

Revit 2018.1 – New Freeform Reinforcement Tool

Autodesk are enhancing the reinforcement tools further by implementing a new feature termed as freeform rebar. This new tool currently enables users to add straight bars (Shape Code 00) that follows complex surfaces. 115 more words


Park(ing) Day 2017

In 2005, San Francisco firm Rebar wanted to make a statement about the dwindling green space throughout their city.  They selected a metered parking space, acquired a simple bench, a roll of artificial turf, and a tree. 317 more words

Landscape Architecture


Ciò che era alla luce, oggi è mistero

* * *

Fotografia italiana, 1949




     Most effective material in building

     by Abhishek…

        10 July… As any blogger knows, it can be really frustrating to put your time and      energy into creating a blog post only to have so little come from it. 24 more words