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HOA President and VP voluntarily remove rebar, spare affected residents from city fines

HOA President Raul Telles and Vice President Allen Goodman cut away rebar that was protruding from the easements behind Villa Valencia residents’ homes. Those residents were facing fines from the city, but the Board of Directors intervened. 137 more words


Revit 2017.1 & Dynamo Tutorial – Setting All Rebar Visible and Solid in View

As many of you will already know, controlling the visibility of reinforcement within Revit can be challenging and time consuming as each new rebar modelled needs to have the visibility set, for example, you create a new range of rebar and then are required to click ‘View Visibility States’ and then select the views that you wish to see the rebar unobscured and ‘as solid’. 440 more words


Potential Threat To European Rebar Producers

Deformed Rebar is a very important product for certain European long product producers.  After Turkey and Ukraine, the other countries in the top five exporters list are the Southern European nations of Italy, Spain and Portugal.  499 more words

Algerian Rebar

A post long over due!

So, 2017! With it being the first day of the new year I thought it only fitting to write the post that I’ve been meaning to write for a while now, and look forward to what this year brings in terms of the build/renovation at our little stone cottage. 814 more words


Random Photos and a Blog Post of their Own

You know the rebar samples kids get a kick from holding because how can something so small feel so heavy in your hand? Here’s the real deal up close. 102 more words

New NY Bridge

B12.11 Born At Sleep

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A flickering, unstable line, looking more like a bolt of blue-white lightning than some kind of beam, shot out of the rail-like barrel of the subjugator’s main weapon, hitting Crocell dead centre. 5,195 more words

Brennus Chapters

Necessity of Vibration of Concrete


Vibrating concrete is a must so that concrete can achieve its design properties

Vibrating concrete makes it more fluid and hence it flows into the corners of the formwork… 65 more words

Concrete Technology