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TV Friday: Hannibal still has bite in Season 2 (with video)

Hannibal, the tightly wound thriller about forensic psychiatrists who are nuttier than the criminals, continues to stir the pot in its second season.

Things come to a boil slowly in the second episode of the season. 481 more words


The Cheers Legacy: Season 10

By Roger Cormier

It was getting very near the end for Cheers, and even if everyone involved didn’t know that it was reaching its conclusion at the time, season ten provided some key moments in the series and for its characters. 1,479 more words


The Cheers Legacy: Season 9

By Roger Cormier

According to Parks and Recreation and Brooklyn Nine Nine executive producer Michael Schur, his boss Greg Daniels had a rule at The Office… 1,582 more words


The Cheers Legacy: Season 7

By Roger Cormier

Ideally, you wouldn’t have to choose between quality and quantity. Everybody knows the saying “too much of a good thing,” and everybody chooses to ignore it at various points in their lives, the temptation in having the good times last forever too great. 1,714 more words


The Cheers Legacy: Season 6

By Roger Cormier

After finishing season six of Cheers I had a lot of questions, but I managed to narrow it down to a key two. 1,589 more words


Diane or Rebecca

As an avid Cheers fan, I go back and forth on this question, but let’s see if I can be decisive on who should be number one. 634 more words


I've Finally Finished the Entire 11 Season Run of "Cheers" and Loved It!

It took me a pretty long time, but I managed to get it done. All 11 seasons, all 271 episodes. Thanks to the wonderful thing that is… 311 more words