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Losing that One Person in Our Lives | Review of "So Much Love" by Rebecca Rosenblum (2017) McClelland & Stewart

There is that one person in our daily lives that is important to us. It could be somebody very close to us or just somebody that we see on a day-to-day basis yet never give a second thought too. 1,095 more words

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In Rebecca Rosenblum's So Much Love, a past crime may repeat in a small town's present

So Much Love
By Rebecca Rosenblum
McClelland & Stewart
288 pp; $24.95

On bookshelves since March, Rebecca Rosenblum’s first novel, So Much Love, may be due for a boost this spring, snagging a spot on the Amazon.ca First Novel Award short list set to name a winner next month. 790 more words


Book Review: So Much Love (Rebecca Rosenblum) @RebeccaRosenblu @RandomHouseCA

So Much Love, the debut novel, by Rebecca Rosenblum follows a small town when a young woman (Catherine) vanishes.   As life goes on and people begin to adjust to their lives without her, her outer circle of acquaintances and people closest to her experience devastating loss and incredible resiliency. 293 more words

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Totally Taken by So Much Love

How does a woman’s abduction affect a small community? Rebecca Rosenblum’s So Much Love explores the multi-faceted aspects of this horrendous act through the eyes of the people most affected by Catherine Reindeer’s disappearance, including her mother, her husband, her co-workers, a university professor and, of course, Catherine’s own eyes. 6 more words

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Detailing the Angst of the Workplace | Review of "The Big Dream" by Rebecca Rosenblum (2011) Biblioasis

The beauty of a good book is that it captures the complexities of real life that we readers endure in a simple manner. We want to see our world told through the eyes of others in order to better understand ourselves. 1,058 more words

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the 4:49 bus

He waited at the bus stop for a while, trying to read a copy of the free arts weekly he’d shoved in with his groceries, but the wind kept yanking at the pages, rattling them until he staggered back into the doorway of an out-of-business costume shop to get out of the wind. 400 more words