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What I Want to See: Solo Sequel

This is going to contain some spoilers, so be warned.  TLDR: Spoiler Alert!

I had some reservations about Solo, I didn’t think it was a great idea, and there was the mess of a production we all heard about, and then they took forever to release a trailer, and it seemed like it was going to be a stinker, but the trailers regained some of my confidence.  519 more words

Starbird Force

Author’s note: I spent the bulk of my twenties in Army light infantry, both on active duty and the National Guard.  During the Paleozoic pre-beret Era, most scenarios for the light infantry company in a deliberate attack involved what we called the “Death Star” objective.  2,821 more words

Star Wars

HARPS # 3: Free Topic

Guess what? Are you guessing?

IT’S MAY 4 AKA STAR WARS DAY! *Star Wars theme plays*

I love Star Wars (sorry Star Trek) and it’s getting better. 266 more words

Event debrief: 14 July 2017

When I wasn’t working at the zipline, getting merchandise and materials ready for an earthskills festival, and taking a three-day Middle-earth trek in Wisconsin, every spare minute of the first half of July 2017 was spent finishing gear for a second survival presentation at the… 708 more words


Student Led Conferences...are they?

Originally posted in my blog https://empower2b.wordpress.com

Wow…so last week I was in a spin! Student led conferences are NEXT WEEK! As usual (as I am sure many of you can relate to) this made me shudder a little. 1,214 more words

Exciting, Authentic, Connected...Transdisciplinary Learning!

As part of my professional inquiry for this year I decided to focus on student directed learning and student agency. The explanation of this is an entire blog post of its own (next one on my list) but in short I was looking at how I could play with my classroom logistics in order to stay true to what the school were requiring but still allowing the students to have agency. 929 more words

What could be the future of learning?

It might seem strange to look towards the future by first looking back at the past, but it seems that there have always been deep thinkers considering the purpose of school and education, challenging the status quo and trying to revolutionize the way we learn. 1,527 more words