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Book Thoughts: Ahsoka [mild spoilers]

EK Johnston’s novel Ahsoka gives us a glimpse of Ahsoka’s journey after Order 66. 657 more words


Star Wars #23

It’s a time of renewed hope for the Rebel Alliance as heroic rebel soldiers strive to undermine Imperial forces throughout the galaxy. 135 more words


Grand Admiral Thrawn: Legends Canon Discussion

The year was 1991, “Return of the Jedi” was released 8 years earlier and the Star Wars franchise had gone stagnant, until an author by the name of Timothy Zahn stepped onto the scene and wrote a novel titled… 2,080 more words

Using "Star Wars" of All Things to Track Improvement

I always like to go back and look over how my style has changed and hopefully improved since I started the Geek Galaxy paintings.

I’d painted before, and done various projects, but it was back at the very beginning of August when I started doing it seriously and painting almost every day. 402 more words


"Star Wars": More Previews, Because Life

Dude. These are a thing. I’m so happy.

They need a few final touches and a coat of sealant, but this is such an awesome set. 162 more words


Blaster Thoughts

I love Star Wars.

(Draw attention to opening comment for self-deprecating humor.)

(Oh, shit, we’re getting super meta here.)

Anyway, I love Star Wars.

The original trilogy obviously I enjoy. 709 more words