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Sunspot Prison

The Rebel Alliance has a top secret prison known only to some, and its name is Sunspot prison. It houses war criminals, Imperial spies, mercenaries, even a moff or two.

From – Star Wars Vol. 2 #16


Star Wars Rebels Episodes 7/8 - Review

This is the final two-episode week until the mid season finale from our favorite Phoenix rebels. Last week we got our first look at Loth-Wolves, would we see more of them? 1,251 more words


Rebel propaganda project: 'Liberty for All'

Back about the time last year when I started entertaining the idea of starting a dedicated Rebel persona, I was also thinking about potential outlets and activities I could do. 366 more words

Rebel Alliance

"Leia: Princess of Alderaan" book review

As long as Claudia Gray keeps writing Leia, I’ll keep reading.

I was very impressed by Bloodline last year from Gray, which told the story of Leia Organa in a post-ROTJ world that was set six years before TFA, and it was a fascinating and compelling and interesting look at the character.   1,826 more words

Book Review: Star Wars Imperial Handbook: A Commander’s Guide

I already had two of the other Star Wars “handbooks” when I picked this one up: the Jedi Code and the Book of the Sith… 1,131 more words


Every Time I Play "Walker Assault" in Battlefront

There hasn’t been so much imbalance in the force since “Revenge of the Sith”:

55 more words