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Added some Star Wars flavor to my husband’s chain wallet.

Vinyl Transfer

Previously On...Star Wars Rebels Season 2

You might not know it, but I have been watching this show. Maybe more religiously than some other shows.  *cough*Arrow*cough* Part of watching it was to ease the wait for The Force Awakens. 541 more words

Star Wars Rebels

President #POEBAMA Addresses the State of the Rebel Alliance

The attack on the Death Star of #CitizensUnited has begun. The Force is strong with US.

The US Rebel Alliance is a an organization that’s speaking out about big money in politics, the Empire of Big Money. 50 more words

Star Wars

Massacre at Coruscant

Well the first wargaming of 2016 and once again it was Grand Moff Jon in command of the might of the Imperial navy against my plucky Rebel fleet in another battle of Armada.   1,519 more words

Battle Report

Rebel Fleet Reinforcements

Christmas came early this year with the arrival of the new Armada Wave 2 ships, I managed to convince my wife to ‘buy me one’ for Xmas which is way better than socks!   1,811 more words

Battle Report

A Day in the Life of a Rebel Alliance Logistician

Today’s guest post comes from Eamon Hamilton (@eamonhamilton), who,  like a modern day Bruce Wayne, has two lives. By day, he does Public Affairs with the Royal Australian Air Force. 1,836 more words


A Nar Shaddaa Gamble Episode 14 - Captain My Captain

Several months have passed since the attack on Challu’s estate and the Crew finds themselves asking the bigger questions about what their purpose is now that they have achieved huge success. 9 more words

Edge Of The Empire