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a response to the destruction of Alderaan

My fellow citizens of the galaxy,

By now, you have most certainly heard the harrowing news of Alderaan’s destruction. If you have not already been privy to this knowledge, then I am sorry to inform you that this relatively peaceful planet and its two billion inhabitants have been annihilated by the iron fist of the Galactic Empire. 462 more words


Terrorism. It’s a hard subject to discuss rationally, because the very essence of terrorism is to stir up emotion. Fear or terror in the populations being attacked. 1,276 more words


Star Wars Battlefront: Twilight Company

A novel based on the video game Star Wars: Battlefront follows a squad of soldiers caught in the ultimate galactic war between good and evil. 1,908 more words

Star Wars

Star Wars: Lost Stars

Lost Stars offers a tantalizing and hopeful glimpse into the beginnings of the new Star Wars canon.

This novel is targeted at the young adult demographic (but then again, most  908 more words


Bothan Banter - GM's Corner Episode 7: Player Roundtable

Immediately following the Episode 10 play session, Kurtis turns the mic back on to have a conversation with Owen, Jordan, Zac and Shannon to talk about the campaign in more depth and gives the players an opportunity to share some insight into the character’s they bring to life. 9 more words

Edge Of The Empire

Star Wars has taken over Changi Airport!

Stormtroopers have taken over Singapore’s Changi Airport!!…

There were so many of them and they even rode on the escalators!

But on a more serious note, Changi Airport has unveiled a life-sized X-wing fighter at Terminal 3’s Departure Hall, as well as a TIE fighter at Terminal 2’s Departure Hall. 552 more words


A Nar Shaddaa Gamble Episode 10 - The Boiling Point

Episode 10 – The Boiling Point

In a show of allegiance, Muzzo, DOC and Talia join Vox on a mission to abduct a supporter of the slave trade named Isabelle Jandu. 69 more words

Edge Of The Empire