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Preventing light bleed

So I tested an LED in situ and there was significant amounts of light bleeding through the bare plastic so I have painted the insides of the engines with a couple of coats of metallic paint to try and reduce this effect, I still have some spots that I am concerned about due to the wall thickness but I am hoping using a primer on the outside that contains micro fillers should sort that out… fingers crossed!

Scale Models

Disorder of the Phoenix

“Darth Vader.” There I said it. That’s just the kind of thing you can say when you’re in the Rebel Alliance and you’re trying to have a reasonable conversation. 288 more words

Scenario: Battle of Yavin

Despite the losses at the Battle of Scarif, Rogue One has managed to successfully steal and relay the Death Star plans to the Rebel Alliance. The plans, hidden inside an R2 Unit, made their way to secret Rebel Base on Yavin IV. 1,194 more words

Custom Scenario

The Princess Diarist

Author: Carrie Fisher

Released: 22 November 2016

In honour of Carrie Fisher being posthumously awarded the Grammy award for Best Spoken Word, I decided that it would be an appropriate time for me to provide my thoughts on this best-selling memoir. 360 more words

Star Wars

Building the Rebel persona: 5.1a – ‘Endor Donut’ Helmet

After finishing construction of my Rebel ‘swoop’ helmet last July, I started to feel that it might not be the best fit for a Rebel militiaman on Sulon, or more specifically, that it wasn’t the most… 1,262 more words