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Every Time I Play "Walker Assault" in Battlefront

There hasn’t been so much imbalance in the force since “Revenge of the Sith”:

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I always wear protection

I don’t remember caring about wearing protection when I was younger. But now, I do it every time. It’s just too dangerous to take a risk, too much is at stake. 145 more words


Research Pays Off: the Sulon-style Henley

As I continue to refine my personas, further recent research has turned up what I believe represents true Sulon local style for my Rebel impression. Per the live-action cutscenes in… 213 more words


Experimental Archeology: Rebel style!

After finishing the retool of my DH-17, I realized that I needed a way to carry the blaster on my person during workshops or presentations (because it’s part of a kit instead of a costume prop, I need be able to do more than stand around, look pretty, and get photographed—I need my hands when I’m teaching!) 777 more words

Rebel Alliance

Building the 'Outer Persona': Backpack

If you want to get some authentic ‘woods time’ in your GFFA pursuits,  you’re probably going to need something to haul your gear around. I’ve had this trusty 1950 pack (as far as I can tell, made by Bergan’s of Norway?) for seven years now, and I’ve been tweaking it here and there almost since I bought it. 640 more words


Mockingjay - by Suzanne Collins (2010)

In the final book of the “Hunger Games” trilogy, it’s meltdown time. The citizens of Panem are finally ready to revolt and overthrow the oppressive, tyrannical government. 62 more words

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Building the Rebel Persona: 5.2 – Blaster rifle

Once I had made enough progress on the research front to begin crafting my Rebel persona’s ‘outer person’, and had made plans to debut ‘Citizen Olis’ at a summer camp presentation on wilderness survival, I knew I’d need some kind of blaster. 1,124 more words