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Thelma and Louise Ride Again

Thelma and Louise presented a new way to look at feminism.  The film became an iconic historical snapshot of the time in history.  The actresses, who are still singularly beautiful and charismatic, predict that had they survived they would be surfers.   222 more words


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16 Personalities

I recently took a free personality test at 16personalities.com. These tests can be fun, though they’re not to be taken too seriously. A test where you input data about yourself returns a (hopefully insightful) reflection of who you know yourself to be; the better you know yourself, the more accurate the test is. 146 more words


1987 Honda CMX 250 Rebel Rear Taillight

1987 Honda CMX 250 Rebel Rear Taillight

The Rear Taillight illuminates with the application of either the front or rear brakes. The Taillight includes the lens and the housing to which the lens attaches. 52 more words

Alexinus: 'Rebel' Cover

As introduced at the publication of Alexinus‘ radioshow’s cover, the Italian has already seen his records being released through Cr2 and Housepital. However, his latest original mix has been dedicated to a free download on his SoundCloud page. 29 more words


The Rebel: The Very Essence of Religion - Osho

What is the difference between a rebel and a revolutionary?

Maneesha, there is not only a quantitative difference between a rebel and a revolutionary; there is also a qualitative difference. 2,205 more words