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The Fire Sermon is a well written YA post apocalyptic book that should be on your radar

Centuries after the world is devistated by humanity’s weapons, mankind has managed to rebuild. The technology that was linked with the downfall is shunned, the genetic fallout has shaped the society that emerged, and this civilization is on the fast track to cruel domination. 520 more words

Sweet Dreams

We Were Liars

Cadence Sinclair is a wealthy 18 year old girl who comes from a life of privilege. Every summer she spends her time on a private island with her group of peers called “The Liars.” The group of four turns destructive and Cadence is effected in a mysterious way. 110 more words

Young Adult

Life in the in between

Socially, I was doing okay, I had friends and they meant the world to me, but even in that, I didn’t really fit in. Most of my closest friends were the studious nerdy type because inside that’s who I really was and while I felt a sense of freedom hanging with the stoners, I didn’t really belong there either. 759 more words

Oh, Those Nasty Oil Corporations!

You’d think that helping college students get an education sponsored by government would be a non-profit endeavor, wouldn’t you?

Government – finding ways to empty your wallet since the… 6 more words


Why do bad things happen?

The world is filled with scenes of tragedy. The world’s woes show in gory detail that all is not right with the world. The calamities that affect every person and place on this globe have prompted some to wonder about God. 579 more words

Life Questions

All Changed, Changed Utterly

Changed Utterly – Ireland and the Easter Rising is a new blog project from the Trinity College Library Research Collections Division. Launching today, the 99th anniversary of the start of the 1916 Easter Rising, the project aims to explore the Library’s collections relating to the Rising through a year of weekly blog posts. 252 more words


The throw away girl

Around this time is when I started writing a lot of poetry, or rather poetry started demanding to be written by me. I could be doing anything, even waking from sleeping with verses writing themselves in my head. 686 more words