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Let Us Return to the Lord| By Tori Savoy

“Just give up on me. I am not worth it any longer,” I told, or basically yelled, toward God.

My guilt had overwhelmed me, and I felt as if I would never be good enough to be loved by a perfect Savior. 612 more words

Dracmere's Fight

I wrote this story for a school assignment. And I’m kind of proud of it even though I cut out so much of it so it wouldn’t exceed the word limit. 1,149 more words



Part IV

Saraswati tenderly took out the mirror that she had packed in her bag and looked into it for a seemingly endless moment. She was proud of herself and wanted to share the moment with her mirror self. 601 more words

Toilet Ruminations #41

What is the point of making and drinking coffee which leaves you feeling tired and unmotivated? And I spent a lot of money on these beans! 362 more words

This is it — the moment we’ve been waiting for. The moment when the Brexit rebellion finally began. “Enough of this pissing about. Enough lawyerly excuses and Civil Service prevarication and Remainer politician manoeuvrings.

33 more words

The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me!

Real Clear Wisdom



Image by Mark Renney

They are part of the System, all of their names are still somewhere in the records. Only once and it is always something insignificant – a job application perhaps or a club membership. 189 more words