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A Poem: Someday, Lilacs Will Bloom on Your Grave

A beautiful poem on death by Theodora Goss

‘If you have never been beautiful,
you will become beautiful. Have you ever seen
the long, lean elegance of bone? 21 more words


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Written by Jacob Ibrag There’s a pocket beneath limitation, where transformation is earned and not easily given. It may seem as if sacrifice is needed, and it most definitely is.

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texts, kickball, and the trauma of the waiting period

And I’m sharing this one because…well, because it caught my eye.  And I thought it was fun.  Not fun in a “isn’t it funny this guy Josh has anxiety issues” but fun as in “OMG, it’s like reading a transcript of my brain!!” 173 more words


In Montana, an assault on a reporter and an assault on truth

In Montana on Thursday, Republican Greg Gianforte won election to the U.S. House of Representatives despite the fact that the day before, he body-slammed a reporter for asking a question.  2,446 more words

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Mental Health Exercise: My Daily Mini Vacation (Video) — MakeItUltra™

This is something that, as a codependent, I struggled with. I felt so much guilt in even the simplest pleasures for myself. If you struggle with taking time for yourself this video is for you! 61 more words