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Bubble-Sort. Never had a better explantion than this/

Also visit this channel for more sorting Algorithms.

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Strategy to Quash Dissent by Modi?

“…this government will not tolerate NGOs that come in its way and will use multiple strategies, including shutting off sources of funding, to squash them. None of this bodes well for the health of a democracy.” 43 more words

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One more non-democratic action plan of 'Modi Sarkar'. They want to kill all the NGOs, which are against them by drying their funds!!! for more detail click on this link: http://www.epw.in/editorials/strategy-quash-dissent.html

Serenity Among The Over Commintments

Life just seems to fly by.

Missed opportunities for memories.

Not enough hours in the day.

The lawn will be cut next week.

Finding quiet time-impossible. 116 more words


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This is sweet. I am reminded of fun times with my children.  Time goes by too quickly.  And, yes, things can change forever in a moment.


Boycotts are certainly not a new tool used to fight injustices or to show solidarity with a given Movement ….

My son was almost ten years old when he tasted his first grape …. 272 more words


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It's not surprising that Big Government wants to close down peaceful resistance. It's effective.

Corporations Once Answered To Shareholders (And CEO's Weren't Billionaires)

Our American leaders are unhappy with the growing inequality of wealth distribution in our country; not bothering to mention that they have brought it about. Their modesty precludes their taking credit for their works, right? 506 more words


Thursday Scribblings 9.4.15

The fourth law of power by Robert Greene is “always say less than necessary”

How I wish, yearn, ache that I followed this rule since the day I started talking. 130 more words

Sharmishtha Basu

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4th law of 48 laws of power by Robert greene