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House Hunting for the New Abode Part 3

Welcome Back to House Hunting for the New Abode or as this part is titled – HOW NOT TO FLIP A HOUSE.

To recap, Part 1 is… 714 more words


Readers who cheat

First time I’ve reblogged something, but seriously, WTF is up with some readers? Just because you’re poor (an edge I’m constantly teetering on, and have sometimes gone over) doesn’t mean you should act like an asshole. 68 more words


My Torture Became My Remedy

I have just read this blog post and in writing my comment, I really delved deep into myself and I ask that you take time to read it and do this yourself! 252 more words

Mental Illness

To The Friends That Knew I Couldn't Do This 'Mental Illness Thing' Alone

When I hear your footsteps approaching me in the dark, what you don’t know is that I’m quietly muttering under my breath, “Please, please don’t be angry.” 1,886 more words

Mental Health

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There's a little language, but I still plead with you to read this article, if only to understand me, yourself, or other people with mental illness better. Also, this bit is so true for me: "So I sit as still as possible and I desperately hope that my stillness doesn’t make it seem like I don’t want to be touched. I do want to be touched. I won’t tell you that."

Blood makes noise

I had nothing prepared to blog about  in my mind. Again – I thought. No inspiration to type anything.

I’m finding out my inspiration comes from reading your posts! 905 more words


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A must read from Daisy at Daisy in the Willows.

One Call Away

As Kane Brown’s country career continues to grow, it wouldn’t be surprising if the Georgia sweetheart gave up doing covers in his kitchen. Yet, in a recent interview with Rare Country, Kane says that will never, ever happen.

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This actress opened up about her struggle with an eating disorder and how she got healthy again — RareRare

Candace Cameron Bure is loved by many as the sweet and wholesome actress from “Full House” and “Fuller House” but, she unfortunately struggled with a dark time in her life.

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