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Fallen Beauty

I walked upon a fallen star and sat to contemplate once more.

How beautiful a torn wing can be as it extends past its meaning. 20 more words


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How We will Eventually Overcome...

The Cover Up: D&D Player’s Handbook Part 1

Hello and welcome to The Cover Up! In this column I will be taking a look at probably the first thing you see picking up a new board game or RPG; The Cover. 759 more words


Why Police Shootings are State-Sanctioned Violence

What is the rationale that an “armed and dangerous” ISIS-inspired terrorist gets to live, see his family, and do all the things that a law-abiding father of four will never get to do? 8 more words


#Momlife Monday|Raising Positive Kids Part II

More information from Niki on how we can cultivate a positive mindset in our children. I asked for help on this. Check out what she had to say. 43 more words


Happiness lies in Your Mind -Paul Simon Says

​What do the lyrics of “The Sound of Silence” by Paul Simon mean?

Hello darkness, my old friend,
I’ve come to talk with you again, … … 129 more words


She Is Unchanged And Unchangeable

Christopher Wordsworth, D.D.:

“Let none imagine that Rome is changed: that, although she was once proud and cruel, she is now humble and gentle; and that we have nothing to fear from her. 146 more words

Romeward Ecumenism

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"And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” John 8:32

Introducing a Friend to the World of WordPress.......

Ever notice how the world judges you. They believe that because you are a Christian you are suppose to be a certain way. PERFECT…………. But we are all sinners and go thru life just as they do.

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