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"MAKE A ***DAMNED LIST. There’s a reason your great-grandma used to do this. It f*cking works!"

“When people first move out, they’re completely at a loss on how to buy groceries. Sure, you know how a grocery store works in theory and you’ve used it to buy crackerjack or whatever it is kids are into these days, but you’ve never really had to fill an entire kitchen with supplies. 63 more words


Imogene's Antlers

Imogene’s Antlers by David Small, 1985.

One day, a young girl named Imogene wakes up to find that she has sprouted antlers during the night. It comes as a shock to the rest of her family, and she finds that it’s very difficult to do things with large antlers sticking out of her head. 275 more words


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I never heard of this book before, even though I love picture books, but I've just borrowed it from library.org. Something tells me it may become one of my favorites as well.

Save Dolls House Past and Present


Please help to save this wonderful resource for all Dolls House collectors and restorers, ‘Dolls House Past and Present’ 582 more words


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This was posted by Lee from Shed on the Pond  and I totally agree . This is a fantastic website which Naomi and I have used quite a lot to ID our own dolls house furniture and houses. It would be an absolute tragedy if this archive was lost. I received an email about the situation yesterday and I had been aware that they had serious problems with the website for quite some time. I donated and I hope that some of you will too even if it is only a couple of dollars.

Forever Family: voices around the web #8

“Listen, you’re blood pressure is just too high. You need to lose some weight, eat healthier and get some exercise. Getting out for a workout will lower your stress level too. 481 more words


Desires never die!

When we wish something at one moment, the other moment we start wishing for something more expensive or superior than one previously bought or spent on; this desire forms part of money, out of which it is derived. 499 more words


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Did you ever think about your desires and felt that you were not blessed enough? If so, then re-evaluate your possessions. :)

Trump-Putin press conference: the Russia scandal is about elite impunity - Vox

Few things feel as good as righteous indignation, moral condemnation, and schadenfreude as an opponent gets her well deserved comeuppance. And, this story certainly feels that way to me. 627 more words


How Long Will The Supreme Court’s Conservative Bloc Survive? | FiveThirtyEight

It’s like we forgot that the conservative-liberal split of the court hung in the balance in the 2016 election. How could we forget? Mitch McConnell stole — traitorously stole because any such violation of the Constitution can only amount to treason — a Supreme Court seat. 437 more words