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Cymbeline; what’s a love story without some scandal? | MCNY Blog: New York Stories

Originally posted on MCNY Blog: New York Stories.

It was January 25, 1897, the opening night of William Shakespeare’s romance Cymbeline, based on the legend of an early Celtic British king, at Wallack’s Theatre. 110 more words


Liebster Award!

This past week I was nominated twice by Comments Below and also by No Harm; No Waste. Thank you so much Giovanna and Cheryl for the nomination, I’m truly honored and humbled. 1,559 more words


For all those who don't feel ready for University but feel pressured...

There’s something that has been bothering me lately and it’s the pressure that is put under students at the time of applying to university.

You see students who are absolutely certain on what they would like to do at university, whether it be for a particular career that they’d like to pursue or a specific interest that they’d like to explore. 836 more words


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For anyone dithering over whether to apply to university or not, this is incredibly helpful

Katherine Ryan interview: 'I'd only go back to Canada if I was terminally ill' - Telegraph

Originally posted in The Telegraph.

‘I wouldn’t have wanted to be a woman 30 years ago,” says the Canadian stand-up Katherine Ryan. “And certainly not 60 years ago.” So when would she have wanted to be a woman? 144 more words


Still Alice - Sunset Boulevard

Originally posted on Sunset Boulevard.

Alice Howland has always prided herself on her intelligence and her command of language – two traits which had been instrumental to her appointment as a linguistics professor at Columbia. 222 more words


Explainer: how viruses can fool the immune system

Kim Jacobson, Monash University

The immune system protects us from the constant onslaught of viruses, bacteria and other types of pathogens we encounter throughout life. 904 more words


Why the world needs Feminism from the viewpoint of a Namibian

This is that post where I tell you that I think all men need to have their genitalia cut off, that is unless they submit to me and mine. 1,206 more words


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Check out another fantastic post on this Feminist Friday, in which Serins discusses feminism from a Namibian point of view. Drop by and leave her a comment!