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Two weeks ago today, I had surgery. While I won’t go into details, it was for a female issue and also something else. I figured while I was under general anesthesia, I may as well get the two things fixed together. 516 more words

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Peace From Panic!!

What’s Your Preference?

Hello, SE Friends. Mae here today, ready to talk support and organizations. As authors when we sit down and peck away at the keyboard, it’s a solitary process. 965 more words

Mae Clair

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[caption id="attachment_4370" align="alignleft" width="450"] Portrait of funny cat amazed by what she`s reading
** Note: Shallow depth of field[/caption] Today at Story Empire, author Mae Clair discusses resources available to writers: beta readers, critique groups, resource materials, organizations and more. Read her thoughts, then weigh in with your own opinions.

Unconditional Acceleration and the Question of Praxis: Some Preliminary Thoughts

One of the major points of contention concerning unconditional accelerationism (henceforth U/ACC) is a perceived slight or rejection of any ‘positive’ form of political activity or organizing. 2,485 more words

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Edmund Berger unpacks the prescriptive theory of unconditional accelerationism via Yaneer Bar-Yam: 'The complexity profile is rising and will continue, and as it does the capability for collective intervention will become all but impossible.'

Arthur Miller: The Price and the Dust of a Life

Interview with Arthur Miller

Conducted by James Grissom

Hotel Carlyle

New York City


There is anger and passion and love—and sometimes these three things are very much… 11 more words


Just Culture in La La Land

It was always going to happen.

The wrong Best Picture winner was read out live on air at The Oscars. Someone had to take the blame. 2,376 more words


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Now the Oscars noise has died down, it's seems a useful time to reflect more broadly on errors and culture. This is an excellent, reflective & informative piece.