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Tomb Raider: Movie Review *Contains Spoilers*

Hello and welcome to the third and final part of my Tomb Raider miniseries. I apologize again for this review being up so late but I haven’t had a chance until today t see this movie. 1,236 more words


Fixed-Android stuck in safe mode

Fixing the problem of Android stuck in safe mode.
Hi Everyone! Hope everyone is doing well. Today, in this post I’m guiding you through some simple steps to come out from you Android device which is stuck in safe mode. 12 more words

Mini-Musing 3/23/18 ~ For Reboot series fans only!*

*Well, feel free to read if you’re curious.

#NotMyReboot #Reboot #TheGuardianCode #RebootRevival

This is mainly for fans of the animated show Reboot which aired back in the mid-nineties and was the first all CGI Saturday Morning Cartoon.  479 more words


Lost Tribes


Everything had been leading up to this moment. All his careful planning over the last decade led him to this moment and the time for backing out had long since passed. 2,931 more words


Part of the journey

Isn’t life about the journey and changes? Well, it certainly is for this couple! We started this blog and Instagram as a way to focus on fitness and health, which is still a major part of our journey, but life is about so many side paths as well. 493 more words

Reboot Stages

It’s happening again.

At times in life, things change so much that a re-evaluation happens – or should. I suppose for people considered normal in society, such times might be when they are getting married, or when they’re having a child. 1,071 more words

Rescan virtual disk in a VMware linux VM without reboot

I’ve run into this situation a number of times.  I get a request from a user to resize a filesystem and add some space to it.  1,602 more words

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