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The Rebound Chick

What’s a rebound chick? Someone who gets the short end of the stick? The back up? The replacement girl? Sure, to some people…but who says she can’t be the one who picks himĀ up off his feet? 278 more words


Rebound Chick

I’m a rebound chick…its okay , you can say it aloud. I don’t mind who over hears these words… See its cute how he believes that I am his every now and than, that he leaves and comes as he pleases, and that this rebound-ship is all that we can ever be! 96 more words


Rebound Chick

Nothing soothes a broken heart like a new love…

Thanks to Callie, we were able to add a few new beaks to our brood. Which is great because our two grown hens seem to be suffering post tramatic stress disorder and quit laying eggs!! 60 more words

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