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The chips are down for Chipotle, but not for long

by Todd Wasserman

In 2013, Chipotle released a haunting animated video featuring a scarecrow that observes the horrors of automated farming. Set to Fiona Apple’s rendition of “Pure Imagination,” the ad went on to… 1,410 more words

Quick Service

Premier League Rebrand

Nowadays it seems that nobody can redesign a logo without coming under attack from the general public.

From Uber to the London Olympics (remember that?) and now the… 928 more words


The perils of Landscape photography

So, hopefully by now, you’re all aware we’re in the middle of re-branding our photographic range of bars. Sounds great….right :/

Unfortunately since we took the decision to give the old girl a facelift, the weather hasn’t exactly been kind to us, and we’ve had about 3 days of sunshine. 256 more words

Kernow Chocolate

Super Sports Arena

Vividthree worked on the ID for the all-new, all-free sports channel, SuperSports Arena!

Arena ID

Channel Packaging

An Uber Problem

My standing point on rebranding has always been quite simple and straightforward… It’s always a bad idea. That’s not to say it’s never worked, or to say it’ll never work sometime in the future, but it’s a fact to say more rebrands have ended in dramatic failure than roaring success. 419 more words


It's not delivery, it's an emoji!

In 2015, Dominos Pizza launched a social media campaign on Twitter that allowed you to order a pizza by simply tweeting them the pizza emoji. 509 more words


All change for the re-brand express

Hello to you and welcome to the (slightly) all new Touchstone Vintage… Did I say Touchstone Vintage? I meant TSV Antiques.

That’s right, I’ve been banging on about it for some time now and here it is, the day has dawned, the moment has come, the dinosaurs have…well maybe not the dinosaurs. 143 more words