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Sail & Anchor's slow rebrand

I really don’t know what Woolworths is doing with its Sail & Anchor range. It’s like they decided to have a beer label but then didn’t really know what to do. 570 more words

Beer Business

March Madness

I can’t believe it’s March already. Seriously. It was just Christmas.

So – he’re’s the quick update. TIJUANA NIGHTS actually hit #53 for a while there in the ‘Organised Crime’ category of Amazon, so that was a whole lot of excitement! 241 more words


Uno Chain Putting Pizza First Again

Pizza First ; Uno, once deemed the healthiest chain restaurant in America, ditches its nutritionist and goes back to its high-calorie roots to stand out from its rivals… 1,004 more words

Menu Trends


“EW, why?”

 –The response I get 90% of the time I tell someone I’m in a sorority.

Greek organizations across the country are stigmatized in television shows, movies, and in the media as sheltered, rich, notorious partiers. 358 more words

JB & Tea

I’ve decided once again to revamp and redirect this blog. You may have noticed some changes to the format and name. I’m also rebranding it. Since it was too difficult to read as many books as I should for a book blog or post about every letter I wrote, those will just be side notes in a blog about me. 143 more words

Resort adopts a new name promising customers the same service.

Outrigger Enterprises Group gives a new name to a beach resort as part of the rebranding process yet promises to offer customers with the same exceptional hospitality, reported the… 189 more words

Hotels And Restaurants

Does Rebranding Always Work?

Many times, companies tinker with their logos, their slogans, and other branded materials. They want to “freshen” things up.

Four recent rebrandings (Gap, Starbucks, Vodafone, and AirBnB) are the subject of a recent analysis by Erik Devaney for HubSpot: 169 more words

Customer Expectations