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We might look a bit different, but it's still us - honest!

Here’s a peek at the new Rose Filtered branding that will be launched over the coming weeks. We’ve tried to come up with a logo and branding that matches our two very different styles, what do you think? 7 more words


Beth; that girl that runs.

My name is Beth, and I am that girl that runs.

For a while I’ve been Beth, that girl who’s mum died.

I’ve also been Beth, that girl that can’t keep a relationship. 136 more words


Homestead For Children Logo Design

I was asked to redesign a logo for an orphanage in north Georgia, focused on reuniting families. What an awesome idea, and after some back and forth we landed on a new logo.


A tick past midnight

So when I started this blog, i wasn’t sure what I was doing. Well much hasn’t changed in that aspect. I do what I like, write what I like, and you wouldn’t believe the amount of drafted pieces I don’t publish due to self doubt/ perfectionism. 177 more words


If you follow me on Twitter, you’ll have seen that I’ve been feeling really disheartened about my blog – again! Any time I post something that isn’t beauty related, it never does very well. 323 more words


Dunkin' Donuts to become "Dunkin' " in 2018 rebrand

Dunkin’ Donuts is considering dropping the “Donuts” from its name, CNN news reports.

They are a popular donut and beverage company that has stores worldwide. This month they will publicly announce the opening of a Dunkin’ store in Pasadena, California. 112 more words

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Returning To Blogging

Guess who’s back, back again…

No, Slim Shady is not back. Soz to disappoint.

But I am! Woop woop!

After what seems like 3000 months away from my blog (it’s actually like 8) I’ve decided to grace the blogging world with my presence once again. 421 more words

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