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Walnuts in malakand division

Growing nuts

There is a great potential for planting walnut trees in Malakand and other areas of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

By Tahir Ali


The Malakand Division, according to one estimate, accounts for roughly 95 percent of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa’s walnut yield. 2,051 more words


What is the Government’s Plan for Rebuilding Swat?

By Shaheen Buneri

The Swat Valley in 2011: Locals are wary and distrusting of the Pakistan Army, despite their hatred for the Taliban.

After three years of bloodshed and destruction by Taliban militants in Swat Valley, the Pakistan Army, understanding that more than force was needed to defeat extremists, held a conference on de-radicalisation. 1,402 more words

Strategy for revival of tourism in Swat

Formulating a viable strategy to revive tourism
The middle class will have to participate in tourism promotion campaigns, but the slump in businesses and decline in incomes coupled with security fears have been responsible for the people to not visit tourist resorts of late… 1,074 more words


Fruit/vegetable losses in Swat

Horticulture losses in Swat

By Tahir Ali
Dawn-Monday, 16 Aug, 2010

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FARMERS of the vegetable and fruit-rich Swat valley estimate that the recent floods have inflicted ten times more losses than those suffered by them during militancy and military operations. 677 more words


Rebuilding Swat

Rebuilding the region

There might be big plans for reconstruction on paper, the situation on the ground does not look impressive — at least for the time being… 764 more words