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The Panic Attack

Inhale. Exhale.

Words she told herself as she looked at the screen. She saw the words, his words, describing a new life, a new life without her… 259 more words


Trust the Process

It’s unknown how the fire started. The house was on the market {and vacant} when the fire broke out. There’s some speculation about vagabonds and drugs, but my thoughts were consumed with the homeowners. 494 more words


six months healthy

“They’ll be days your heart don’t wanna beat, you’ll pray more than you breathe, you just wanna fall to pieces….”

I feel like whoever wrote Keith Urban’s newest single must’ve known someone who had cancer. 2,390 more words


Pet Peeves

There seems to be this grand divide among those of us who attempt to reconcile and those who don’t. In fact, it reminds me of the same type of divide between stay-at-home-moms and working moms. 381 more words

The Betrayed Spouse

11 Nov 2015 Current Stats

I’ve been training for about 5 months now after my 9 month hiatus from lifting before that. So well, here’s my current stats

Height: 1.71m… 542 more words

Uh,... Hello,.. Anyone There?

Sooooooo, Life’s a struggle,. Life’s a bigger struggle, when you try to build from a past life of destruction. (And I may add That Mental Heath issues make this a greater struggle which are the elements of my life that led to decisions I’ve made that still exist.) … 403 more words