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Fiction: Legal Theft Project--Farm Fires (368 words)

The ashen clouds began to clear, letting sunlight stream into the twisted wrecks. It was only then that Harlowe actually began to see the real damage that the fire had caused.  345 more words


TLC Diaries #3

The day started like any other day in Okhaldhunga. I awoke to the sound of the buses and Tata Sumos honking on their horns in the early minutes of 5 am, as they began announcing that they were open for business, under the pitter-patter of a light drizzle and the slow building up of fog around the ticket counters. 1,275 more words

Daily Chronicles

Training #6

This one is a shorter one. It’s just something that I had to get out of myself, after going on a binge-read of Lovecraft. I could have made this story more descriptive, longer, but I’ve felt the vagueness of it works in its favour. 622 more words


Where Is The Love?

Remember that song? From Robert Flack in the 70’s? Yeah, so I heard it the other day and for the first time I realized it was an OW song. 595 more words


"Watch Out for the Under Toad!"

Just when I think I am doing so well…a teeny tiny “straw” breaks the camel’s back and I feel like I am struggling to stay afloat.   817 more words

Broken or Whole?

This is a great picture, taken many years ago at The Grounds at Alexandria. Rich in symbols, such as the door handles and the bucket waiting to be filled. 301 more words


Reaching out of Isolation

I like being alone. It’s my default preference. It’s safe. When I was younger I was often in my own little corner of a shared bedroom, playing alone because my feelings were often hurt and I was able to play with my vivid imagination and not get ignored by big sisters that I couldn’t relate to, or neighborhood kids with better gross motor skills than mine. 1,862 more words