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No Time

I’ve never minded losing. It’s a part of life. And I think I’ve made myself clear that I know people leave. I’m no dummy. That’s what they do. 414 more words


The Original River Run

Got back out for some miles tonight. I no longer wish for anyone by my side on this trail and surely no one I care to share my run details with anymore…but I still did it. 293 more words


I Can't Lose You Again

They survived my storms
Endured the aftermath
Yet they still saw
That I was more than my chaos.
They wait and watch
My rebuilding, my recovery… 7 more words


situational joys

By an act of genius and the Internet, I’m live watching one of my favorite people perform at a local venue in Waltham, MA. Watching him play is so damn joyful, and I’m full of tears. 1,089 more words


Gyalpo's Story: Decisions in a Post-Disaster Context

Dear Readers,

Returning to Nepal has given me the opportunity to understand the individuals I have met over a trajectory. When I first started my work with the Langtang Valley community, it was just five months after the April 25, 2015 earthquakes in Nepal. 1,082 more words


Lunch At The Miracle Cafe

If I hadn’t stopped to chat with Jeffrey Casten as he loaded soybeans into his semi, or been drawn into the woodworking shop by the aroma of fresh sawdust, or taken time to wander the field behind the abandoned school, I might have been a little farther down the road. 1,318 more words


Today I Cut My Hair

Today I cut my hair. It may not seem like much to you, but for the last almost 10 years, I’ve changed my hair every time I faced an event in my life that I felt changed me. 1,920 more words