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Making it Home

With hashtags like #royersgowest and #makingithome, I have been documenting our journey to Colorado on instagram. Taking pictures and posting them of the memories we left behind, of the new ones we have made so far, and of the crazy chaos that happened with moving in two weeks.  1,041 more words


The Journey Begins...

In May of 2014 my husband John died while one a business trip.  His death came as a complete blow to myself, our four children and his family. 75 more words


Confessions of a Flu Sick Runner

I don’t have the flu anymore. I haven’t had a fever in probably a week now. Maybe less. I am still very tired though. Exhausted, really. 312 more words


7 Most Common Divorce Mistakes to Avoid

A client came to me in the very beginning stages of her divorce. Mid 30’s, three children and devastated. If she let it – the emotion of what she was about to face was most assuredly going to blind her vision from the practical. 544 more words

Financial Transitions

June 23, 2014

Kitten –

I love you, BG! I’m already missing you! We’ll both be home soon, though!

I’m looking forward to holding you in my lap tonight.



June 20, 2014

Kitten –

I’m sorry. I’m sorry for breaking you. I’m sorry for ruining our relationship. I’m sorry for negating 20 years of good, for wrecking all of our good memories. 21 more words


Outrunning the bitterness

Life always has its challenges. Big and small storms that can, if you let them, turn your outlook from sweet to bitter.

Divorce (my most recent storm) is definitely one of life’s challenges that can be thrown your way. 579 more words