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part 7 - Answers to part 5 - Recap

Q. Before a man or woman is born again, why do they experience emptiness inside of their heart? Genesis 1:26; 1 Peter 1:24; 2 Peter 1:10… 447 more words


Core Type Refresher

I’ve realized over the past week or so, that perhaps it was time for me to put those core type info graphics front and center again.   98 more words


The NXT-Off: March 22nd 2017

Welcome to the first ever NXT-Off here on Squaring The Circle Wrestling! This is the place to be for all your NXT recaps, opinions and speculation. 946 more words


Recap: Uchu Sentai Kyuranger, Space (Episode) 6 - Flap Your Wings! Dancing Star!

Raptor shows the Kyurangers the area of Earth they will be saving today. Denbiru, the governor of the area, makes his people suffer with harsh rules. 1,200 more words


Liar and His Lover: Episode 2

Liar and His Lover Episode 2

Main Points This Episode:

  • Han-Kyeol is really broken up now.
  • Our OTP learns more about each other’s true identities.
  • 3,932 more words
Korean Drama

Marked, Chapter 3: The Shortest Chapter to Ever Exist.

Welcome back, readers! Where last we left off, Zoey was about to talk to her stepdad about the whole accidentally becoming a vampire thing.

So her parents call her out of her room. 334 more words