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WWE Battleground 2016 Commentary

Five days removed from the historic WWE Draft and frankly it’s only confused matters more. Cruiserweights are on Raw, away from Daniel Bryan’s control. Women are stretched across both shows with the Women’s Championship only on Raw, as are the tag teams. 2,028 more words


Life Happened: Hot

Last week, the hot weather hit, I did a lot of watering and everyone was tired. And that was about it. This is not to say it was a bad week, it was a good week and a better weekend but outside of work was all focused on the allotment and rest so although I enjoyed it, there’s wasn’t a lot to write about except that I was completely overexcited about growing a radish, well actually 5 radishes… 12 more words

How I Live

Puebla vs Tijuana - Jornada 2 Recap and Highlights

Puebla defeated Tijuana 3-2 in the final match of Jornada 2. The win keeps the Poblanos unbeaten this season, while the loss was the Xolos’ first of the campaign. 365 more words


07/24 Episode Recap

Victor came back into the House and Michelle got a DR about it. For some reason. Paul pointed out that he would be on thin ice with the whole Victor situation. 169 more words


100th Post!

Welcome to Ampersand’s 100th post! Crazy right? When I started this blog, I worried that I’d have nothing to write about (lol), so my 100th post is a pretty big deal to me. 308 more words

Squad 38 Episode 10 - Good Cons Have Layers....Like Onions

There are so many layers to this drama’s plot that I have given up trying to guess what is going to happen.  It isn’t a story that goes along the normal trope lines anyway so I might as well just sit back and enjoy the show. 819 more words