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Q&A with Jill Dyché: Does “Open” Mean “Free for the Taking?”

In which Jill channels your mom and reminds you not to steal.

You know you’re onto something when people take pleasure in deriding your average ideas and stealing your good ones. 648 more words

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Thanks Zac

Making a film is an amazing experience. Sometimes I feel like I won the lottery.  To learn something new at my age is exhilarating and exhausting in a good way.   687 more words

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Wine, Women, and Data Science

In which Jill enjoys wine, women, and data science. Wait. That came out wrong.

From a Bay Area perspective, it was nothing new. A clutch of hip tech types drifting through an innovation lab sipping merlot, downing sliders, and debating hyper-personalization and the connected car. 431 more words

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Q&A with Jill Dyché: Shared Data Versus Public Data: Is There a Difference?

In which Jill dispels the maxim that sharing is caring.

I always marvel at the amazing web of relationships I’ve developed in my analytics career. I run into people who’ve worked with my team, people who know my clients, blog readers, and friends of friends. 528 more words

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The interview

I took an interview from an industrial paper the other day. This article theme is architect who like to use wood for building. I may not have responded what they want, but they introduced what I do activity. Thank you.

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Storytelling in the C-Suite

In which Jill manages to work drum circles, screenwriting in Hollywood, Paul Revere, and the Talmud into a single blog post.

Seemingly out of nowhere, storytelling has become trendy. 690 more words

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There is Something About Vermont

I have lived in a number of states and climates throughout my lifetime. I have been fortunate to have visited all but two states in the U.S. 788 more words

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