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Thanks for making Coastal Cleanup Day such a success!

Friends of the Napa River joined forces with the Napa Valley Yacht Club to help with the international effort to keep our waterways and oceans free of trash. 7 more words

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Q&A with Jill Dyche: Two Words - Data Fatigue. How AI Can Reenergize Data Geeks.

In which Jill watches AI give data a little nudge to wake it up.

Those of us who began our careers in data warehousing were at the forefront of the “data as an asset” conversation. 921 more words

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Technology, Tapas, and Shoptalk: There’s a New Breed of Tech Conference

In which Jill swears off rubber chicken forever.

At a recent tech conference, I had a conversation with an industry analyst on the future of data science. 657 more words

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Q&A with Jill Dyche: Late To the Digital Game? You Can Still Play - and Win!

In which Jill reminds us of the 5 first steps in the digital revolution.

Some companies are born digital, some achieve digital, and some have digital thrust upon them. 902 more words

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Bacon Bacon Bacon: A Fundraiser

Saturday, August 12, 2017 6-9pm at Freetail Brewery 2000 S. Presa 78210 Free Admission / Food and Drinks for Sale
On Saturday, August 12th, URBAN-15 will host a novel summer fundraising event called “BACON BACON BACON.” Featuring vendors who agree to donate samples of their best bacon-inspired dishes for sale, this fundraiser will take place at our neighbor Freetail Brewery from 6-9pm. 114 more words
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Volunteers clean up 'microtrash' in the Oxbow District

From the Napa Valley Register:

Napa’s popular Oxbow area is looking cleaner after a couple dozen volunteers descended on it Thursday morning to pick up trash. 98 more words

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Starting a Consulting Firm: What I’d Do Differently the Second Time ‘Round

In which Jill looks back with no regrets. (Okay, she has a few.)

Recently I did some quick napkin math and figured I’ve spent 85 percent of my professional life in consulting. 1,358 more words

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