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From Ann

” I recently attended a wedding reception at which BrizBand were playing…. and having attended many functions and witnessed countless live bands, I have been disappointed with the  quality of vocals, song selection and overall musicianship. 82 more words

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From Carmel

” I decided to give BrizBand a quick ten minute audition at a nearby public performance……a “planned” 10 minutes grew and grew until some 4 hours had passed and I could easily have enjoyed more. 231 more words

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From Gavin

“Thanks for asking me for some feedback. I’ve always been a fan of live music. BrizBand takes the time to set up & get the sound right. 117 more words
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Adapting my life in UK

I am an exchanging student from the Education University of Hong Kong and currently study in MMU with other three lovely girls.

The reason why I choose to study in UK is that all the courses are English lecture and it is a perfect opportunity to improve my English skills. 386 more words