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The Art of the Lie   (2017Aug19)

Saturday, August 19, 2017                                                2:17 AM

The Art of the Lie   (2017Aug19)

You have to give the alt-right credit for being creative liars—even unto what the science-fiction writers refer to as ‘world building’, where they create a planet that is like Earth, but with some major differences. 266 more words


How To Avoid Catching A Computer Virus

The best way to guard yourself from something is to educate yourself on it. In order to avoid catching a computer virus, you need to know what one is. 483 more words

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Morgan 4/4 Rebuild Continued

I am finally back on the Morgan this week after several weeks lay-off due to injuring my back stacking logs of all things. Anyway, we have been repairing the wood frame and sanding it down ready for treatment. 177 more words

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Dear White Nationalists   (2017Aug15)

Abraham Lincoln, is shown November 8, 1863. Lincoln sat for 33 photographers and 127 portraits, 37 of them by Gardner – “Mr. Lincoln’s Cameraman”. (AP Photo/Alexander Gardner) … 493 more words


Back in Cambodia

Greetings to all in Canada! Before I begin to share anything, I just want to say a huge thank you to all of you who have supported our family. 538 more words

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Message for all angry and agitated world leaders

Why are you wasting time and energy threatening each other.The day you understand that nothing belongs to you, you would not behave in the way you are at present. 29 more words

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Maratha March--Say No To Reservation

Today 9 lakhs people in South Mumbai marched for Reservations for Marathas. I understand Mr Fadnavis the Chief Minister has agreed to this.
Instead of moving forward India is going backwards. 77 more words

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