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Natural Abstracts: Point Lobos Weston Beach

Peter loves to visit iconic locations, I have to admit I find them intimidating, amazing photographers have already captured the unique essence of the place, what could I possibly have to add?   161 more words

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Photography Project: Tide Pool Abstracts

This was one of those “making lemonade” experiences.  I went to the Tongue Point tide pools with images of colorful star fish and sea urchins dancing in my mind….I found neither.   137 more words

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30 Day Blog Challenge Day 14: Recent Trip

This was a tough one. The most recent trip I took, I went to the local Renaissance festival. I guess that counts?

Scarborough Faire was, in a word, AWESOME. 628 more words

30 Day Blog Challenge

Photography Project: Creative photography at amusement parks

As a nature photographer, I find amusement parks to be overwhelming – too much sensory stimulation.  I stopped trying to get the quintessential photographs, and decided to try my hand at creative interpretation.   125 more words

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Photography Project: Making a vintage postcard

When I first started photography, I was very excited to learn Photoshop.  That lasted about an hour, before I realized that I was so in over my head that I could not figure out how to do the simplest tasks.   134 more words

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Aerial Photography: Shooting skylines

In my last post I shared some of my infrared abstracts.  I also found it quite interesting to photograph the skylines as the plane was descending. 78 more words

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Photography and Color: Does it really make a difference?

I think we all know the answer is “yes”, but do we really realize how much?  I mean, is there really a color you can’t stand?   185 more words

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