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Tips for Taking Great Photos with Your Iphone

A friend of ours recently suggested I write a post with tips for taking great iPhone pics.  I’ve always been enamored with my iPhone, two days after I got my very first iPhone, I started Project 365.   877 more words

Photography Tips

Photography Project: Natural Abstracts

I always get really excited with color and abstract forms come together.  Peter was a good sport and agreed to go on adventure with me to find an isolated strand of rainbow eucalyptus trees.   87 more words

Photography Tips

Photography Project: The postcard look

I have this weird thing about postcards…..I love them.  My friend Renee taught me a long time ago to look at postcards when you are traveling.   113 more words

Photography Tips

Photographing strange signs

When I first started down the photography rabbit hole, I encountered in a thousand different places the message “you will learn to see differently”….yeah, OK, righto.   146 more words

Photography Tips

Natural Abstracts: Point Lobos Weston Beach

Peter loves to visit iconic locations, I have to admit I find them intimidating, amazing photographers have already captured the unique essence of the place, what could I possibly have to add?   161 more words

Photography Tips

Photography Project: Tide Pool Abstracts

This was one of those “making lemonade” experiences.  I went to the Tongue Point tide pools with images of colorful star fish and sea urchins dancing in my mind….I found neither.   137 more words

Photography Tips

30 Day Blog Challenge Day 14: Recent Trip

This was a tough one. The most recent trip I took, I went to the local Renaissance festival. I guess that counts?

Scarborough Faire was, in a word, AWESOME. 628 more words

30 Day Blog Challenge