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Latest trend in grad gifts has parents going for bust

After reading about how the parents of LuLu Diaz gave their daughter $6,000 breast implants for her high school graduation gift, I couldn’t help but be shocked by the idea of a father agreeing to anything that would make his teenaged daughter more enticing to teenaged boys. 685 more words

Ned Hickson

This time, it's going to take more than bacon for me to be sexy

As I mentioned last week, due to what I’m assuming was either an egregious counting error or possibly something alcohol related, I somehow ended up in the final six “Sexiest Men” in the Public Blogger’s online… 199 more words

Ned Hickson

Sometimes being an astute observer has its drawbacks

As I’ve mentioned, during our town’s annual spring festival, the carnival sets up across the street from our home.


If it were any closer, I could high-five everyone on the tilt-a-whirl without leaving the couch. 299 more words

Ned Hickson

Someone wickedly wonderful this way came — and left much too soon

(Each May, as I welcome the special piece of Americana that is our town’s annual Rhododendron Festival, it also reminds me of saying goodbye to a best friend. 1,156 more words

Ned Hickson

Apparently, I'm not the only one who finds bacon sexy

 As I mentioned last Sunday, I have somehow ended up among a group of men ranked as “The Sexiest” on The Public Blogger’s international stage of artists known and… 437 more words

Ned Hickson

Speaking of ergonomic chairs, does anyone know a good chiropractor?

Being a journalist, I am trained to notice the most subtle signs of something amiss.

A hesitant glance.

A bead of sweat.

A chair that appears to be built backwards. 326 more words

Ned Hickson

Poetic justice could mean a jail sentence for my poetry




Those are three words I never expected to be associated with. Especially that second one, which I’m still scratching my head about. But tonight, I’ll be joining seven other men for Round 2 of the “Who Is the Sexiest Number?” at The Public Blogger. 127 more words

Ned Hickson