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This Just In! A weekly newspaper edition to my blog

As National Newspaper Week continues (where have you BEEN?!?), I took the opportunity to write about some of the reasons I’ve enjoyed my 17 years here at our small-town newspaper as a columnist and journalist — and now as its editor. 266 more words

Ned Hickson

Why not start your day with a flaming Pop-Tart?

Cooking can be dangerous, especially when it includes all three components of what experts call the Triangle of Fire:

1) A heat source
2) Combustible material… 455 more words

Ned Hickson

Seven more minutes of childhood: a father's wish on 9-11

I’ll never forget how I felt this day 15 years ago as an American, a firefighter and as a father — and how each held its own kind of hurt that has never completely healed. 717 more words

Ned Hickson

Today, I'm at Robert's place baring my soul

I met Robert M. Goldstein two years ago at The Public Blogger, when we were both competing in “A Star is Born.”

I was immediately impressed not only by his talent, but also his integrity and commitment as an artist. 56 more words

Ned Hickson

Who wore it better? (Don't bother answering that)

As I warned mentioned on Friday, I was going to be dressing up as Marilyn Monroe on Saturday. Believe it or not, that’s not usually a part of my weekend “to-do” list: 534 more words

Ned Hickson

Because she gives me "crazy love"

As I mentioned earlier this week, today I am celebrating the gift of sharing the past eight years with the amazing woman I get to call my wife. 41 more words

Recently Probed (and Potentially Sore) Subjects

So, I made a (mostly) serious video for peace

As I mentioned yesterday, I had the privilege of opening “Media Day” for #OURWEEKOFPEACE at The Public Blogger with this video about the responsibility that comes with Freedom of the Press. 79 more words

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