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Outlook for the future of education? It looks just... Pee Chee

When I was a kid, our school supply list consisted of a Star Wars notebook and a Pee Chee folder. The notebook helped us organize our assignments; the Pee-Chee folder was used for entertaining ourselves during class by drawing thought balloons for the athletes on the cover. 430 more words


Camping with your teenagers is like one big (search) party!

Our family loves to go camping. In fact, we make sure to get out and pitch our tent — without fail — once a year. 581 more words


A man’s guide to romantic cuisine — Step one: Insert beer into chicken cavity

Men, by their very nature, are grillers of food. If you follow me on Facebook, then you know I love grilling everything from steak kabobs to bacon-wrapped bratwurst. 737 more words


When it comes to looking ahead, look no further than your behind

You should be aware that the idea of promoting an important issue through a week of “National Awareness” has gotten… How can I put this tactfully..? 597 more words


True happiness began 7 years ago for me, when she became my wife

I remember standing at the altar, watching as she crossed the courtyard toward the church. I remember smiling so much my cheeks hurt; I remember the pride and appreciation I felt knowing I was about to be her husband; and I remember a momentary breeze lifting a stray strand of hair away from her face, like God’s finger gently brushing it aside as she entered the chapel. 617 more words

Ned Hickson

Turning 49 doesn't matter much when you don't act your age anyway

Last night, a good friend suddenly and without warning offered a pre-emptive toast to my turning 49 next week. I call him a “good” friend because, until as recently as last night, I considered him a “great” friend. 711 more words


Parenting teens is easy once you embrace being an embarrassment

Everyone with teenagers please raise your free hand. And by “free” hand, I mean whichever hand isn’t either guarding your wallet or refrigerator door. For parents without a free hand because you are guarding both, don’t worry; we can see it in your eyes. 826 more words