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Is This China & USA's "Thelma & Louise" Moment?

By James Howard Kunstler

Source: Zero Hedge

Why would anybody suppose that the Peoples Bank of China might want to tell the truth about anything that was within their power to lie about? 673 more words


Does Obama Have a Positive Economic Legacy?

I’m not a big fan of Obamanomics. We’re going through the weakest recovery since the Great Depression. Income and wages have been stagnant, particularly when compared… 555 more words


Power to the People! US Senator Elizabeth Warren Pens a Scathing Rebuttal to President Obama: We've Had Enough Wall Street Cronies in the US Government

In an op-ed for the Huffington Post, US Senator Elizabeth Warren issued a caustic rebut that she would no longer support President Obama and his Wall Street cronies when the president nominates such people to important government positions, such as US Treasury Secretary and Undersecretary of Treasury. 346 more words


Money Woes and the Trials of Job

By Mark Anthony Rockeymoore

Source: Sacred Space in Time

Being broke seems to be endemic. Money woes, bills pilling up, creditors calling for blood and first born children. 750 more words


9 Ominous Signals Coming From The Financial Markets That We Have Not Seen In Years

By Michael Snyder

Source: The Economic Collapse

Is the stock market about to crash?  Hopefully not, and there definitely have been quite a few “false alarms” over the past few years.  752 more words