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The helicopters are on the pad and ready to fly

So the stakes are drawn, Hillary vs. The Donald.

What will the Obama Administration do to ensure a Clinton win?

Well first the White House needs to guarantee we do not fall into a recession. 277 more words



My mother-in-law had a saying: Chicken one day, feathers the next. It was her down home version of the old axiom “feast or famine.” Sometimes you win; sometimes you lose. 509 more words

Life in recession

By James O’Brien

Down in the meadow field Jack Told his wife Nora, “this year we will have a bumper yield”.

“That’s good news”, Nora replied looking over the timber fence as she stood by his side. 106 more words


The 'Know-Nothings' know Trump

So this Wednesday morning Republicans have their nominee — like it or not.

While the stories of discord within the party with Donald Trump is so overblown, very much the same stories of voters being sick of his candidacy. 287 more words



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Paul Mason. Postcapitalism: A Guide to Our Future. New York: Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2016.

Paul Mason is a British freelance journalist and economics writer. 1,774 more words

The Next Recession and the Next Housing Crisis

Last year, PBS reported that hundreds of thousands of financially distressed Florida homeowners have been compelled to modify their home loans. This entailed getting reducing interest rates, but not reduced home loan principals. 117 more words

Can my Startup sail safely this recession?

Are we bloating small things to a larger magnitude or our startup situation is this real bad?

I remember 2007 recession and this was exactly the scenario on all tech news sites that time. 369 more words