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An open letter to Chair Yellen on the inflation mystery

Let me take this post to write an open letter to Fed chief Janet Yellen to explain what is going on in the US economy. It appears she needs it… 541 more words



There is something called emotional recession. It is a phase in your life where your emotions are experiencing hangovers. Your life doesn’t exactly look like what you planned, so in order to blur the reality, you take solace in discussing other people’s flaws. 200 more words


South Africa’s Growth Projections for 2017 Revised

The World Bank has revised South Africa’s growth projections for 2017 in half on Tuesday after the economy fell into recession earlier this year.

In a report of the global banking group, the country’s growth prospects reduced to 0.6% from an earlier estimate of 1.1%. 368 more words

State pensions in the US are a huge problem — and the next recession could make it much worse

(Source: www.businessinsider.com)

The US government balance sheet features $80 trillion to $200 trillion in unfunded liabilities. This amount stems from future entitlement program burdens that are, in effect, government promises. 498 more words

Money Matters

True Leader, Many Leaders are not actually Leaders!!!

Hello Readers!!!

Have you ever you been a leader? or at least you have a aim of becoming a leader in future? If your answer is “Yes”, You should always keep in mind to “LEAD” your people  in your organisation how small or big it might be. 612 more words


economic engine, job creation

economic engine

(1980’s | journalese (economics) | “economic driver,” “principal industry, etc.,” “catalyst”)

Somewhere in there, the mere act of job creation came to justify nearly any form of bad corporate citizenship, came in fact to embody our highest civic values, the framers be damned. 751 more words


China's Declining Economic Miracle

The End of the Chinese Miracle

Financial Times (2017)

This documentary explores factors behind China’s declining economic growth and the potential effect on the rest of the global economy. 178 more words

The Global Economic Crisis