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True Leader, Many Leaders are not actually Leaders!!!

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Have you ever you been a leader? or at least you have a aim of becoming a leader in future? If your answer is “Yes”, You should always keep in mind to “LEAD” your people  in your organisation how small or big it might be. 613 more words


economic engine, job creation

economic engine

(1980’s | journalese (economics) | “economic driver,” “principal industry, etc.,” “catalyst”)

Somewhere in there, the mere act of job creation came to justify nearly any form of bad corporate citizenship, came in fact to embody our highest civic values, the framers be damned. 751 more words


China's Declining Economic Miracle

The End of the Chinese Miracle

Financial Times (2017)

This documentary explores factors behind China’s declining economic growth and the potential effect on the rest of the global economy. 178 more words

The Global Economic Crisis

Food bank visits in Toronto back to recession levels: report

TORONTO – Food bank visits in Canada’s most populous city are back up to levels seen after the last recession hit the country, with a spike in the number of seniors accessing their services in the last year, according to a report released Monday. 709 more words


How will baby boomers change financial markets over the next 10 years?

Demographic changes affect economic growth, inflation, retirement savings and investment. It can force large shifts in cyclical economic patterns and change the global economic landscape dramatically. 1,382 more words


Top Ten Causes of Economic Recession (in Nigeria)

Now that Nigeria is getting out of recession, it is important to look back and learn the route that got the country into the position it found itself since 2015. 2,009 more words

Global debt is around 3 times the size of the world economy — and it shows no sign of slowing down

(Source: www.businessinsider.com)

There is big debate over the exact amount of global debt.

Parts of it get hidden in many out-of-the-way pockets. But broadly speaking, global debt is about 325% of GDP, and likely over $225 trillion as I write. 663 more words

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