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Goldman Finds Most Modern Recessions Were Caused By The Fed

… Overnight, it was Goldman’ turn to scare its clients with an extended analysis of when and under what conditions the next recession could strike, and as Hatzius and co write in “s economic team write in… 248 more words


Everyone remembers the credit crunch of 2007/2008 and the subsequent economic downturns all over the world. In the most basic possible terms, the sequence of events was: 2,129 more words


The 21st Century Prophecy

At the turn of the 21st Century, an expert in the construction sector gave a damming prophecy of doom.

Students of the prophet were taught why: “ALL THE SIGNS” showed a new global recession was imminent – and why this recession would be unlike any other recession before it. 1,221 more words

Ecological Design

Is the next Recession really coming?

This post was a response to Mr. Money mustache Great News: There’s Another Recession Coming. In general I agree with MMM its inevitable. Like the tide comes after a wave at the sea so does the world economy works. 904 more words


Reversing the ferret: affordable housing at Battersea Power Station

The Evening Standard, usually a reliable cheerleader of the Battersea Power Station redevelopment, reports that the already limited affordable housing commitment is being slashed… 512 more words


“In his very robust 2015 presidential
electioneering that was sated with all manner of
juicy promises,
Muhammadu Buhari
rekindled hope in a
people that had, for… 141 more words