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Man is becoming a Genetically Modified species

A recent study of Danish young people by Gustaf Bruze, a researcher at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, showed that about half of the expected financial gain of attending university derived not from better job prospects but from the chance to meet and marry a higher-earning spouse. 307 more words

Harry Potter and the Recessive Allele

Arguments have been made that magic is a recessive allele.

Here is a link explaining the argument.


But the thing is it doesn’t work. It does explain muggle borns and why it’s necessary fo them to have a wizard in their family history but it doesn’t explain why every half blood who gets a mention is a wizard. 129 more words

Harry Potter

Think tanks are governments' recessive genes

Keith Hudson

In my previous posting, I intended to go down a different track after my first sentence or two, so I’ll take it up again here.  1,010 more words

The beginning of designer babies

Keith Hudson

(The following has only been written for possible discussion by those who are already interested in aspects of human breeding, such as the prospect of designer babies and suchlike.  1,054 more words

New F2 micro-tomatoes

Thought I would share a new line I’m working on that appears to have much promise.  Anyone who grows tomatoes knows that they put out clusters of flowers with a handful of tomatoes on each inflorescence.  815 more words


Friday Fives - genetics edition


1.  What did you lose the genetic lottery on?

omg, you name it.  Seriously, I am a compilation of shitty genetics.  No, a greatest hits.  318 more words

Friday Fives

Twice in Thirty Years

That’s what the geneticist said to us yesterday. She’d seen a case of two rare diseases striking one family (same generation) twice in thirty years.  785 more words