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Lemon Shallot Chicken

I literally don’t know what to call this chicken.

Sure, it has lemon juice.  And chopped shallots.  And garlic.  And paprika.  And brown sugar.  And chopped rosemary. 360 more words

Recipe Experimentation

Garlic Cheddar Beer Bread

So, getting rid of my leavening for the Days of Unleavened Bread is generally a very easy thing.  I get rid of my baking powder, baking soda, and yeast, and that’s pretty much all she wrote.   359 more words

Recipe Experimentation

Drunken Cheesy Bread

Question:  what should one serve at a girls’ night with wine, tiramisu, and Magic Mike XXL??

Answer:  drunken cheesy bread.  If you answered anything else, you’re wrong. 358 more words

Recipe Experimentation