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Sometimes it gets expensive to have such a low threshold of boredom.

I’ve always got to try new things, most often new recipes. As a result, my kitchen resembles a small grocery store. As long as it’s not too exotic, whatever the recipe ingredient, I’ve probably got it in one form or another. 574 more words

Kale Infused Chickpea and Quinoa Stew Recipe

Are you looking for some new yummy recipes? This is a delicious Indian-spiced kale infused chickpea and quinoa stew by Ellen Lahti, a guest writer to Ihana Wellness blog. 431 more words



There are some much sweeter /richer versions of these Beetroot Brownies out there, which really just add beetroot to the traditional sugar & chocolate based recipes, but I wanted to try and make a cleaner version so I could enjoy a little more guilt freeā€¦! 233 more words

Yum Vegan Protein Pancakes

Who loves pancakes as a special treat on a Sunday – I do! Here’s my recipe for tasty vegan pancakes with a protein boost.

I bought some vegan protein the other week – this… 229 more words

Food And Nutrition

RECIPE: Sweet Capsicum baked in Filo Pastry with Tuna and Black Sesame.

This recipe evolved out of reading recipes for Tunisian Brik – a delicious North African filo pie traditionally stuffed with raw egg and spices, and then deep fried. 399 more words


Vegan Meals of the Day #1

Come see what I eat in a day with a look back on my first ever Vegan Meals of the Day video posted back in 2014. 92 more words

Habitat For Happiness

Happy (cooking) together - Valentine's Day meal ideas

Cass and I have never celebrated Valentine’s Day. Doesn’t mean we are anti-Valentine’s Day but do enough to celebrate each other without having to have a day that we make sure we do. 108 more words