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Salted Chocolate Snack Bites (I promise they're healthy!)

If you’re reading this for the recipe, scroll down to the bottom! If you’re interested in knowing some details of the nutrients that are in these snacks, keep on reading. 330 more words

The Curious Case Of Fermented Foods: Playing With Microorganisms In The Kitchen

With yogurt, sauerkraut, kimchi, kefir, kombucha and beyond (let’s not forget the tempeh), there are a lot of fermented food items that have even become a trend item. 1,370 more words


Prawn, cod and chorizo risotto.

I have recently discovered a love for risotto! With rice dishes, I can usually take them or leave them – even when I have a curry I would much rather just be given a side of potatoes and a naan bread, I’m well set with that! 476 more words

Blogging 101

Spicy Beef Kofta

Cooking with mince can often be very uninspiring. It usually ends up being turned into spaghetti bolognese or a chilli. Both of which are fine, but they are the go-to, easy options and become very boring quickly. 629 more words

Blogging 101

Weight Loss with Lots of Fat: A Plant-Based Twist on the Keto Diet?

At this time, everyone and their mother has heard about the keto diet.

The ketogenic diet is one of the most popular eating patterns out right now.  1,130 more words


Mexican night


So last night we had some friends round for dinner and after much deliberation in the week we decided on a Mexican themed night. I was determined to make a much of the meal as possible slimming world friendly and make dishes that weren’t the usual things when you think of mexican – fajitas, burritos etc. 333 more words