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The Necronomnomnom: The Oats of Dagon

The Oats of Dagon

As usual, I kicked off this new cookbook with a breakfast recipe: The Oats of Dagon.  The Oats of Dagon is actually “Apple Crumb Squares,” according to the cheat sheet in the back of the cookbook. 223 more words

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A Feast of Ice and Fire: Roman Peaches in Honey-Cumin Sauce

Roman Peaches in Honey-Cumin Sauce

“When a serving girl brought her supper, she almost kissed her.  There was hot bread and fresh-churned butter, a thick beef soup, capon and carrots, and peaches in honey.  378 more words

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Add some glam to chicken thighs

I often struggle with keeping things interesting in the kitchen, as you know I’m not a professional chef so the internet has come handy in my journey of taking daily meals to the next level. 563 more words


Fifty Shades of Bacon: Bacon Taco Pizza

Bacon Taco Pizza

This was a nice and easy pizza to make, and has relatively few ingredients (7).

First, the pizza dough is cooked according to package directions.  166 more words

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The Hunger Games: Big Softie Ginger Cookies

Big Softie Ginger Cookies

The cookbook says these are from Chapter 4 of The Hunger Games.  I don’t recall if they’re mentioned by name (I’m guessing not), but they would be in reference to Katniss throwing the cookies that Peeta’s father gave to her out the window. 174 more words

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A Feast of Ice and Fire: Modern Oatcakes

Modern Oatcakes

“When they woke the next morning, the fire had gone out and the Liddle was gone, but he’d left a sausage for them, and a dozen oatcakes folded up neatly in a green and white cloth.  568 more words

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I Ate Half An Instant Pot Chicken - A Recipe Review.

Our meat lady – what YOU don’t have a meat lady? – often suggests things to us based on whatever deal the store has going on, so that’s how I found myself with two whole chickens. 280 more words