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stack of pancakes

This day was all about making contact.

I woke up to the cold breeze of the upcoming winter.
I made breakfast and share brief chat with my housemates. 409 more words

Canon 600D

An Apple Tart the French Would Frown Upon

If you know anything about the advertising world, you know the folks that make up the industry love to have food at the office and happy hours in abundance. 509 more words


Apricot Coconut Crumble Pie

You heard right – ripe fruit meets shredded coconut and of course, butter in this delectable summertime sweet treat! Apricots are at their peak during the sunny season of summer, but I couldn’t resist making this pie now, in spring, when I came across the recipe.  353 more words


katie's black bean brownies

It might actually sound silly that of all the ingredients, I omitted THE chocolate chips – so this was actually very savoury and fudgy. But don’t fret! 597 more words


Soba with Parsley Pea Pesto

One of my favorite food sites, Food52, has themed recipe contests every week or so. The current theme “Your Best Recipe with Green Stuff”. I just found out that they like to have their viewers sign up to test these submitted recipes and give them feedback. 627 more words

Dinner party

Dear Reader,

Spring has arrived here in Berlin and I am enjoying the special food that this brings, especially the grünspargel and weißspargel (green and native white asparagus). 587 more words

raw "baking" future/ the vegan loaf

Hello hello!

well, that title wasn’t very creative, aye?

To be honest, I just thought of writing a post while I was exfoliating :D

Lately I’ve been thinking of starting to “bake ” again. 221 more words

Canon 600D