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Recipe testing and a tea giveaway

Yay! Competition time! I used to love entering competitions. Actually, I still do, I just don’t often find the time to do so. If I weren’t at a distinct advantage with this giveaway, I would totally enter it myself. 633 more words


On Recipe Testing

Did you know Recipe Tester is an actual job?  I mean, it makes sense.  Someone has to try out all the recipes that end up getting published in cookbooks and magazines, but I guess it’d never really crossed my mind.   410 more words

Food Talk

Pastry without butter

Thank you for the responses and follows to last week’s post, it was a lovely vote of confidence. I will refine the recipes I shared further and add some more. 604 more words


The Salt of the Earth

The menu is done, now on to testing recipes and food.  The question becomes what to do with all this food.  As my family’s interest starts to fade, I look at the dog.  458 more words


Food I like

When I first started really getting into food, I realized something very humbling very quickly: Not everyone likes the food I like. The first big lesson came when I was in culinary school and my French instructor gave us one of our first free periods to make something that represented our cooking style. 533 more words

Recipe Testing

Chinese potsticker dumplings

I’ve almost always bought the potstickers (which are similar to the Japanese gyoza), whether cooked and ready to eat or frozen.  I’ve never really made them myself.  381 more words


Prawn toast

If you order Chinese takeaway, and order the hors d’oeuvres, you will most likely get prawn toast.  Apart from the spring rolls, this is probably one of my favourite things from a Chinese takeaway (I love prawns, you see).  268 more words