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Vegan: Café de olla

Wiki: Café de olla (lit. pot coffee) is a traditional way to prepare coffee in Mexico.

This one needs clay pot… and piloncillo… what’s that!? This recipe will be easier and using ‘my kitchen stuff’ : ).  109 more words


Dandelion Soup

I spent summer vacations visiting my Grandmother, Emma Gentile, originally from Calabria, Italy, who lived outside Boston, Massachusetts. Grandmother’s house sat on several acres of fields filled with wild flowers and garden plots. 721 more words


Orgasm Salad with Lemon-Garlic Tahini Dressing

Confession time: As much as I love vegetables, I don’t particularly care for salads. They never seem filling enough, and lettuce isn’t something that particularly thrills me, especially iceberg. 371 more words

Recipe: Vegan

Broke-Ass College Student's Minestrone (and Veggie Goth's new toy)

Yep, time for Veggie Goth’s monthly update! You missed me and you know it…

Ever have one of those weeks where just about everything goes wrong? 519 more words

Recipe: Vegan

The Best Oatmeal Ever! (Really!)

If you want the truth, I’m not a breakfast person. A cup or three of coffee and maybe some toast or an English muffin (or crumpets, if I have any), and I’m good to go. 414 more words

Recipe: Vegan

Dorm Room Gourmet: Improving the Scary Noodle Packet

Let us take a moment to consider ramen noodles.

This staple of college students and cash-strapped folk everywhere is loved, hated, eaten unwillingly, and the… 293 more words

Recipe: Vegan