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How to brew Kombucha at home (side note: it's RIDICULOUSLY easy) + my favourite Kombucha recipes

I first learned how to brew Kombucha a few years back, while taking a break from drinking alcohol. At the time, I’d bottle it up, pop it in my handbag and take it along to social occasions, enjoying the small buzz it gave me while my friends got tipsy on wine and Aperol Sptritzers (I even invented my own blood orange version so as not to feel left out). 1,076 more words


50 Followers!! Let's Celebrate!

I logged in today to work on Part 2 of my last post about vulnerability, but was treated with a nice surprise that needed some recognition… I have 50 organic followers on this blog! 366 more words

Swirled Berry Crumb Muffins

Are these not the prettiest muffins you’ve ever seen?! Swirling the blueberry/cranberry sauce into the batter was the best part… Aside from eating them, of course. 500 more words


Low carb taco cups! 🌮

I’ve seen this recipe everywhere, but it’s literally so simple, I can write it here from memory!

The hardest part with this was transferring the cheese into the muffin pan to form the cup. 231 more words

5-minute Coconut Almond Fudge

Over dinner, a good friend was lamenting her systematic eating of leftover Christmas fudge over the three weeks following the holidays – a piece or two every night. 292 more words


Stir-Fry- Ten Minute Meal

Stir-Fry  (Ninth of 10 Ten Minute Meals)

Cook rice, linguine, or angel hair pasta with salt, while the stir-fry is cooking.  When it is cooked drain and add a little olive oil. 144 more words

Homeschool Ideas

Say what you bean!

I am definitely not shy when it comes to speaking my mind because I have learned the difference between being kind-whilst-honest and being brutally honest – an oxymoronic paradox if I ever heard one! 643 more words