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Pesto time! / È l'ora del pesto!

Hello everyone!

It’s an ordinary Sunday in Genoa…what else could I do but making Genoese pesto?! 😂😋

Here we go then, with my vegan pesto! 205 more words


Can't get any easier: Chia Pudding

Weight Update: I’m at 169lbs (down from 181lbs)! Finally below 170! Only 4 more pounds until I reach my first goal. This is the slowest, most agonizing process but I have to keep going. 413 more words


Outdoor Kitchen: Favourite BBQ recipes

Apologies for the lack of recipes this week and for the next couple of weeks. We’re in the middle of renovating our kitchen and that means that I am having trouble just making coffee! 83 more words


Kale Varai

This one of several typical Sri Lankan dish that my mother has mastered during her time in America. I was thought to make a simple Kale Varai but I am guessing one could use any green leafy vegetable in stead of Kale. 153 more words


Hare today, Scone tomorrow.......

It’s that time of year when we have a bit too much chocolate around. I don’t know why people give it to us, we’re both staunch atheists and never reciprocate but why say no to some free stuff? 242 more words


Currying some flavour 

Hey wow,  turns out posts about recipes are more popular than posts about bee keeping, who’d have guessed?  In the spirit of shameless populism,  here’s a recipe. 361 more words


Ce dimanche j’avais envie de cuisiner, donc je me suis préparé une bruschetta qui sent bon l’été. C’est super simple à faire, et tellement efficace. Le plus important, c’est d’avoir un maximum de couleurs : on varie les ingrédients pour un résultat plutôt healthy. 228 more words