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thirteenfridays: To Pembrokeshire & Beyond

Our 13 week picnic marathon started on Friday 13 April, we’ll be visiting a haunted location every Friday until Friday 13 July…

We started off with a… 838 more words


Vegan Pancakes with Wild Boreal Blueberries.

Hello weekend breakfast!

Wild Boreal blueberries are my favorite for baked goods, especially muffins and pancakes. Their small size packs favor while still allowing the batter to cook thoroughly. 258 more words


Simple Home Fries.

These home fries are quick and easy thanks to par-cooking the potatoes in the microwave first before pan frying. Par-cooking results in soft, fluffy potato interiors in significantly​ less time than frying raw potatoes directly in the pan but if you prefer to only pan fry and skip the microwave, plan on at least twice the cooking time and reduce the heat temperature to low after the potatoes brown to avoid burning the outsides before the insides are fully cooked through. 226 more words


Authentic Hilsha Fsh Reipe | ইলিশ মাছের ঝোল , বাংলা রেসিপি

Authentic hilsha fish recipe

This recipe is one of the most authentic recipes which most Bangladeshi would cook at there home. The recipe was passed on from generations and my mother is one of them to show it in this video hope you like it. 182 more words


Easy Garlic Prawn

You know sometime you wish that yummy and tasty food are easy to cook, this is definitely one of those recipe.