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I am going to be on TV!

That was the wave of excitement that flushed through my body last week.  I was sitting in the green room with my father in-law.  I promised myself that I would not partake in another cup of coffee, my nerves were already in jitters.  513 more words

slow cooker beef with mushrooms



I am trying out my slow cooker today again.  Had to wipe the dust off of it.  I thought I would also get Loveliness to help me make dinner and maybe she might just enjoy eating it as much.  This recipe calls for lots of mushrooms, so I thought I could get her to “mince” a few.  Just like in one of her favorite Disney movies “Princess and the Frog”, Loveiness learned how to mince mushrooms just like Prince Naveen. 105 more words


Butterfly Cookies



My little girl and I are really enjoying the time we spend together cooking and baking.  We saw a recipe for butterfly cookies in a sesame street book the other night while I was reading Loveliness to sleep.  "Can we make them?" A question like that does not need to be asked twice!.. 268 more words

365 Project

Making Butter With My Little Girls


Since the weather has been less than nice these past few weeks we decided to try and do more indoor fun things. 

One of these fun things was to make home made butter.  220 more words

365 Project