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I’m Barbie. Yes, that’s my real name and yes, I’m named after  a Barbie doll. I created this blog as a way to explore lifestyle issues, share beauty and health tips, and my love of literature.  92 more words


Seafood dinner

Went to the chinese market today. Saw a lot of fresh seafood, lobster, prawns, oysters, crabs, clams…. I wanna eat them all!!! But we only have 2 people, can’t be greedy :) so I picked a Dungeness crab and a bag of clams. 211 more words


20 Meals to Success! Day 3

Feeling great. I have already seen the benefits of eating this way. I am enjoying the feeling of slight hunger before each meal.

I have also decided to incorporate a regular weight training/aerobic exercise. 251 more words


chicken spring rolls

Today is a bonanza. I’m talking to you about chicken spring rolls but really I’m bringing you the option to have…a SPRING ROLL PARTAY. What I love about this is you can prep everything but the rice paper and vermicelli beforehand! 494 more words


Seafood Pasta Glazed in Peach Sauce

There are many wonderful sauces to flavor a pasta dish, among which are the ones we routinely pick up from grocery stacks – Marinara, Alfredo, Bolognese, Mushroom Cream, etc. 353 more words


Lunch/Dinner party anyone?

I have spent the morning watching Jamie and Nigella instead of doing work that I need to finish. Their shows always inspire me to host lunch/dinner parties. 129 more words


Delicious Kisses recipe

Hello guys!
Welcome back to my blog!
Todays post is another baking post. I’m going to be teaching you how to make kisses! if you don’t know what kisses are, there two plain biscuits sandwiched together with a spread, traditionally raspberry jam. 224 more words