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What happened? I'm baking.

I’m not a baker – I can’t follow a simple recipe- they ALWAYS go wrong. I tried making beautiful fudge – it’s toffee!! Bread – it’s flat and raw. 148 more words


Mochi hot cakes: The Japanese pancakes you don't even need a rice cooker to make!

There’s a reason we say “selling like hotcakes”, and that reason is that hotcakes are awesome. These fluffy, light little circles of joy were sent to make snack time delightful and fill the world with rainbows and sunshine. 670 more words


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What's not to love about new breakfast innovations from Japan. Looks really yummy. Mochi is made with short grain Japanese glutinous rice which is cooked overnight, soaked and pounded into a sticky mass. It is also made with sweet rice floor mixed with water and cooked.

DIY Low Carb "Breadcrumbs"!

Svenska här

Do you remember this post DIY Almond milk? When writing it I promised to show you what to do with the left over almond fibres and now the time has come! 163 more words



theres whis amazing cookbook ive had my eye on for a while now – its called prune – full meal courses, from breakfast to lunch and lunch deserts and all in between… 134 more words


The BEST carrot soup

Cremet gulerods suppe 

Jeg har her på det sidste virkeligt haft lyst til gulerods suppe, men har bare aldrig kunne finde en opskrift der både var nem, hurtig og ikke mindst lækker. 35 more words


Clementine Coffee

This post has been brought to you by http://koffeespace.com/, an online coffee information and store.

Playing with food is one of my passions. It is entertaining and a creative process that is a big part of my life, as it is with many people across cultures and the spectrum of society that we are a part of. 300 more words