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Let's Eat! Gluten Free Crockpot Roast

Truth be told, this one is being featured because the store ran roast on sale. No lie. I am cheap when it comes to cooking. Especially when it’s gluten free. 125 more words


My mom actually showed me a picture on Facebook the other day which was of these adorable chocolate covored pretzel reindeer!  Today I felt like being festive and thought it was the perfect time to try and make them!   288 more words


Quorn Tikka Nashadar

Sunday nights have always been curry night. Normally a take away or a trip to the local curry house for their Sunday banquet meal. Last night we were both wanting curry and so I got an easy to make, very tasty, low fat version of my favourite curry a Chicken Tikka Nashadar (a Chicken Tikka Massala but with added Brandy) 311 more words


Strawberry Tree Jam

December is here and so is the season of homemade jams and jellies! I normally spend a fair amount of this month over a hot stove, coaxing marmalade into jelling, and cursing as I burn myself on my canning equipment. 594 more words


Beef Lombardi

This is now one of my families favorite meals.

I got on Pinterest because I had a ton of hamburger meat to cook and wanted something different. 258 more words


Butter Herb Turkey

Probably the best bird I ever made. I’m so excited!

I’m a huge turkey fan. Well really any white meat, but turkey oh ya.. All time favorite. 356 more words


Wines of the World- Final Project

A few weeks ago I suddenly had a strong desire to make mulled wine. I’m not sure what prompted it, maybe I wanted to have some warm and cozy wine to accompany my warm and cozy slippers. 1,048 more words