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My second post

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Mango Tiramisu (Mangomisu)

Here is another recipe that is perfect for the summer time. Since its summertime you can have fun making it as well as while eating it. 244 more words

French Toast Bake

If you like french toast but want a little bit of a healthier version of it, here is where you can find it. Since we are baking it and not frying it makes it a little healthier. 129 more words

Egg and Bacon Fried Rice.

It isn’t a massive secret that I spend more time than I should online, mostly either on pinterest or Facebook, but i do discover some very interesting and amazing things. 366 more words

Healthy Frozen Greek Yogurt Treat

I’ve discovered an amazing treat for those days my sweet tooth gets the best of me but I don’t want to pig out on something totally awful. 71 more words

Simple Strawberry Souffle

Here is a recipe I tried a while ago for a competition in school, it’s the recipe that got my team the first place. So if the judges liked it then I’m sure you like it too. 307 more words

Scan Bran Challenge day 1 - Pizza

So here we are, day one of the scan bran challenge.  I did lots of research last night and have planned my meals and everything and then I looked up several scan bran recipes, and planned those too.  587 more words