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I've Got To Squat

Has anyone else seen this floating around on pinterest?  Oh my WORD! I just started doing it yesterday, and after doing 30 I could already feel it! 131 more words


Quick Orange Cream

Looking for a snack that’s quick and cool as the warm weather approaches? Give this a try. It’s so fast to make, and it’ll fill you right up! 48 more words


Too-Good-to-be-Almost Fat Free Banana Bread

Over the weekend, I was getting in that baked goods mood again, but I wanted to try to stick to my low fat diet. I ended up experimenting with some banana bread, and it actually came out quite good! 269 more words


Avocado and Chicken Quesadillas

I made thee simple, yet yummy quesadillas the other day for lunch, and they were so good I made them again today!

Want to give ’em a try? 119 more words


Sweating to Tae Bo

Have you ever been halfway through a workout, and thought, ” I could not possibly be sweating anymore than I am right now”? This is what crosses my mind everytime I do Tae Bo, in my stuffy, non-window livingroom, in the triple digit, Salvadorian… 158 more words


Chunky Corn and Spinach Chowder

Sometimes trying to make something filling, yet quick for lunch is such a challenge! Today I came up with a really simple chowder, that’s the perfect partner to any sandwich. 144 more words


Zumba on Youtube

Since I don’t have access to any Zumba classes where I live, I do a bunch of workouts on youtube. In some ways it’s better because I don’t have to worry about how I look or how bad I might mess up new moves! 142 more words