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A Stellar Christmas Present: Make Your Own Hamper

Christmas can be a right pain sometimes.

You’re ridiculously busy as it is, trying to fit crazy office parties and dinners with this and that, without having to think of the 101 presents you’ve got to get for your entire family. 330 more words

Foodie And The Feast

Tatin' up

(Fool-proof tarte tatin)

I am going to let you in on a little secret – you don’t need a ovenproof pan to make the delicious Gallic apple pie, tarte tatin. 342 more words

Apple Pie

Helpless Baby Breakfast

(For the time crunched: There’s something that sorta passes as a recipe at the very bottom of this post.)

When it comes to food, I’m as sharp as a box of marbles. 424 more words


Baked Liver Pâté: Yum. (Seriously? Seriously.)

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As I described in… 437 more words


Cave Girl Eats: Rabbit!

Let’s cut to the chase: There’s a contest going on! Simply subscribe to the (informative, non-invasive, super-awesome) US Wellness Meats Newsletter for the chance to win a $100 Gift Certificate for compassionately-raised, healthy meats… 822 more words


Santa Feggs

Preamble: This post was delayed by an hour because I don’t have the heart to tell binocular-wearing elderly men at Starbucks that I already know about the various gangs dictating the workings of the New Jersey judicial system. 745 more words


Beef Tongue with Cajun Gravy

Approximately one week ago I crawled into a hole, sad and alone. I vowed never to come out. I’d missed my flight to the Ancestral Health Symposium – and from that, one can’t recover. 874 more words