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Ahkam Tajweed al Quran

This is a post in my series From My Bookshelf where I will share short reviews of books I have found beneficial.

Ahkam Tajweed al Quran is the book I received at the teaching Tajweed workshop held by  159 more words

From My Bookshelf

To the inspirational woman that is @okimherenow
You are an inspiration to me, please to accept this token of love for your being. :)

P.S. I love your recitals on insta! ❤


Watch "Konya Shloke" on YouTube

Recitation , Photography & Video Making done by : – Priyasmita Roy


Fr. Ripperger on Ember and Rogation Days . . . and Poetry


I meant to mention that, later on today, I’ll be listening to Fr. Ripperger’s talk on Ember and Rogation Days at Sensus Traditionis (scroll down to “Conferences given by Fr. 534 more words

Traditional Catholicism

Inanes esse mutosque: To Speak With(Out) Vergil's Voice

Fr. 3 Seneca the Elder ( Donat. Vita Vergilii, 29.)

“Seneca reports that Julius Montanus was in the habit of saying that he would have stolen certain things from Vergil if he could have his voice, and comportment, and dramatic ability. 55 more words