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Poetry, Memory & Performance

It was a real pleasure to make many new poetry research friends at the Poetry, Memory and Performance conference held at Homerton College, Cambridge earlier this week and to participate in such a rich feast of ideas about sound, song and silences. 231 more words

Week of Mar 23 (Ch 11)

In previous chapters we have learned about the conservation of energy. We briefly talked about situations where energy is not conserved, but glossed over the the mechanisms involved. 44 more words


Chapter 10 (Week of Mar 9)

Continuing on the theme of conserving quantities, this week we will discuss Conservation of Energy (Chapter 10). There are many types of energy, but of most importance to Physics 1 is Mechanical Energy. 189 more words


Seemingly Made of Light

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This week’s been spent remembering what it means to have a job: live by a schedule, learn MANY names, new systems and most challenging for meā€”being social. 89 more words

13-year-old girl crushes her opponents at the Princeton Pi Day Recitation Competition

Rachel wins this competition by reciting 1,715 digits of Pi. The minds of some people are absolutely incredible.


Chapters 8 & 9 again (Week of Mar 2)

We’re going to cover Chapters 8 and 9 again this week. This is because you haven’t really covered any new material in lecture, plus these topics are important enough to spend some extra time on. 6 more words


Ulama on the wonder that is Muhammad Siddiq al-Minshawi

Ulama on the wonder that is Muhammad Siddiq al-Minshawi rahmatullahi ‘alayhi rahmatan wasi’ah:

Shaykh ‘Abd’l-‘Aziz B. Baz (rahimahullah) said, “If you want to listen to the Qur’an like it was revealed then listen carefully to al-Minshawi. 171 more words