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The Movie VAXXED In Toronto, Ontario July 29 - Aug 04.16

Thanks to Suzanne Maher for this notice https://www.facebook.com/suzanne.maher.98

If you are in or near Toronto, a great movie event to attend. Thank you Patrick Joseph Whyte! 196 more words


woman horizontal | exhuming the empath

inspired by the indigenous navajo creatix spiderwoman, woman horizontal is a close-to-the-heart project that has held different shapes over many years. still an emerging work-in-process, below is one piece from my “pilgrimage of verse, image, and sound.” 326 more words

All Of Life Is Yoga

Grassroots Solutions #4 –Reclaiming an eyesore

Once upon a time there was a little piece of land that no one wanted.

Somehow over a span of 110 years a 60 x 20-foot piece of property became an orphan. 580 more words


My New Project

I love Sam and Dean, very much. But since the publisher doesn’t know me, they don’t want to look at my book. I’ve concluded I’ll need more credits to my name before I can get my foot into the door writing Supernatural novels. 703 more words

About Writing

BREXIT WINS! Global Economic And Financial System Faces Greatest Challenges Ever!

BREXIT Wins: Government Resigns, EU Convulses, Gold Soars, Markets Panic, People Prevail, NWO Shocked


No One Really Knows Where This Is All Going… 573 more words

Conscious Awareness

A Visit to Antiques Curio & Salvage Barn

The Antiques Curio & Salvage Barn is repeatedly a popular post on this blog.  Perhaps it’s stuck in Google or something (no disrespect!) but it’s up there every month as a top post and yet the pictures have just not been doing it justice… Soo, last month, I revisited. 301 more words


Doors and More Doors



Too many doors

Too much going in

Coming out

And nothing enduring

To show for it all…

Houses, not homes


Souls rattling the latch… 115 more words