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I’ve become a recluse in my home. I can’t leave unless someone accompanies me.


Baltic Recluse

ten minutes ago

talking to Jones & Co.

a digital squirrel

described a Baltic recluse

with porcelain adjectives

drinking freshly squeezed

orange juice.

It’s a Balsamic scene… 36 more words


Finding my orbit and failing.

When I can’t deal with something I shut down; I avoid the problem. It has been a few months since I have posted anything but I started writing the last chapter of… 138 more words


Encounter with a social disfunction

Here’s what I think about socially disfunctional individuals:

Expect nothing from a sociopath with parental abandonment issues. The lack of a personality compass and encouragement (even discouragement) from his environment will push that individual to cling to the first successful person in areas of life he fails in, resulting in a “clone”-like behavior and not being able to react accordingly in critical situations —> complete reclusion during conflict. 211 more words



Oh introverted world!
The world of which I chose.
Days fade like memories
behind my cell door closed.

Behind my cell door closed,
outsiders forget my name. 75 more words


Unsocial Occupation

Writing. An unsocial occupation if there ever was one, for me at least. I know there are writers who take their laptop to the local café and write there, watching the goings-on, meeting friends now and again as they sit and drink their coffee, greeting, conversing, laughing, saying goodbye, but that’s not for me. 277 more words