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Genius in Wood: in the woods

I’m not going to tell you Jeff’s last name or where he lives because I’m pretty sure he doesn’t want you to know. I’m pretty sure he didn’t want me to know. 635 more words


Loneliness: It is more complicated than that

The last time I left the apartment was twenty one days ago.  In that period of time I haven’t had any visitors.  I had one personal telephone call.   594 more words

Introspection by a Self-Proclaimed Princess-in-a-Tower

For many years, I thought of myself as the princess stuck in the castle. When I was little, I wanted nothing more than to be whisked away to some faraway land where I would have my happily ever after. 1,945 more words

Personal Reflections

Lonely Girl

Being a self-proclaimed introvert who exudes extraverted qualities, this summer has been quite interesting for me. When I am not at work, I am alone in my bedroom, watching Netflix (burning through  735 more words


If it's broke, then fix it.

I had this idea. That I could somehow cocoon myself, withdraw from the world long enough that I be forgotten. During this self-imposed seclusion I would fix whatever it was I thought was broken, or lacking, in me. 447 more words

The Fire Became The Frostbitten

Only for selfish reasons
I regret the day that we met.
I wish summer could have passed
and left me in a hardened winter.

But summer did not pass… 310 more words



I should have known, but I knew that if Godfrey knew that I knew, he may not have set out home to Wales. He was tired, that last summer. 810 more words