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The recluse

I, like many, really don’t like people as a whole. I find little value in trite everyday conversation. I’m tired of the superficiality and the little value that these conversations add to my life. 163 more words

Brown Recluse Rising in Cancer

I like it when my titles are so weird, you’re like…WTF just happened here? MY GOD! WHAT IS THIS? Well, this one is about how I’m a Cancer in the zodiac and according to Mr. 1,098 more words


#56 the lonely hoop

Ian wanted to keep talking …

But I had to be somewhere.

Why is the place I needed to be here, at home … lonely and silent?


[Fiction] Tomorrow 7|Lonely

“Ah, the joys of solitude…” And the pain.

I wince at the mental addition and look around my empty apartment, trying to convince that I’m really happy being alone. 631 more words

Writing & Tips

The way Loneliness knows her

She is at it again. Living as a recluse, shutting herself away from the world. She doesn’t like me very much but yet she calls me out time and again. 255 more words


Age of Enigma

You want to be isolated, to experience the facilities of loneliness. You think how  exhilarating it would be, shuttering yourself to the world, creating one of your own having no one in it but your own individuality. 184 more words



Every last inch of any space I’ve ever claimed
has been taken in turn and never been mine again

every desperate word spoken from my mouth, in vain… 103 more words

Americana Injustica