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Not my kind of sweets

“Just because someone’s an eye candy that doesn’t mean he/she is good for your heart.”

Some people tell me I’m a recluse and some’d say I’m different from my other flamboyant friends.

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Experience the (awful) difference of (mass-hysteria) group fitness

I, like many suckers before me and since, once signed in to a three year gym membership thinking I was getting ‘the best deal’. In my defense, I had been unwell for an extended period of time and was desperately clutching at straws but, all the same, I was of sound mind so the blame is mine and mine alone – … 742 more words


An hour with the ghosts

As a child I had an abiding love for books of collected ghost stories and hauntings. At least once a week I would spend a lunch-hour in the school library visiting my favourite supernatural tomes, immersing myself in the images and details, rereading my favourite bits and forlornly wishing that I lived somewhere haunted. 421 more words


The Enjoyment of Objects

Objects play an important, though often elusive, role in my life. They are always there – on the desk by my computer, in the kitchen cupboard, in the glove-box of the car, on the dresser by the bed – and while they are not in any way… 357 more words


Writers ambience: Stars of the Lid and Labradford

As a writer who frequently whores his meager skills out to earn a worthless fiat currency called ‘money’, I often find myself listening to music that sits comfortably in the background but isn’t too dull to be completely ignored. 430 more words


The troubling moral of 'The Selfish Crocodile'

I should begin by clarifying how largely indifferent I am to morals and morality – not because I feel they are in any way bad or unimportant but because of how exceedingly… 374 more words


Baudelaire the 'Wrecked Priest'

I was once house sitting for a friend of mine and his wife and stumbled upon a collection of poems that were suggested to me years earlier but which I had failed to remember to seek out – ‘Les Fleurs du mal’ by Charles Baudelaire. 985 more words