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She said two things that still linger in my mind. The first thing was about my paternal grandmother.

“Your late grandmother is standing on your right,” she said matter-of-factly while I stared at her stupefied. 839 more words



From Adelaide and Benny, seeking their trunk, to Iceland bound artists Ginger and Lonewolf, and our much loved Hawken, Godfrey’s blithe, ever present spirit brought many a character to our luggage shop door. 595 more words

REVIEW: Fading Starlight by Kathryn Cushman

Clothing designer Lauren Summers need to take some time off following a mishap with one of her designs.  Her break involves moving into an exclusive neighborhood to house sit while she works for a pittance designing costumes for a high school drama production. 115 more words

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The Prompter Room

For Wednesday, May 18, 2016:

“The accomplished hermit stays in the town; the immature hermit hides in the mountain.”

Zen koan

Some decades ago, advice columnist Ann Landers responded to a question about loneliness and being alone with the statement that one does not equal the other.  481 more words

The Prompter Room

"Oh hi. I love your hair, what's your secret?"

 “Male-pattern baldness and a sprinkle of stress.”

“Oh hahaha…”

Your day to day may seem uneventful. Maybe even boring. Weeks, months go by and nothing happens. 106 more words


Emily Dickinson Lives Upstairs

The sun shines on a clear, warm April afternoon. Eager to be outdoors, I bound the stairs two at a time and knock on Emily’s door, waving a fragrant lilac blossom in front of me like a parade flag. 945 more words

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Life of a Wanderer

Do not gather expectations

Too much of a burden to carry

True essence of life is in tranquility

Journeying through life, a vagabond

Mindful wanderings of a soul… 48 more words