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The Recluse

The meditative recluse

Epitomizes the placid nature of Life

There is a glowing aura

Emanating from omniscient knowledge

A mountainous repose

Undeterred by the distractions… 27 more words


Do You Let Your Fears Stop You?

As writers and on a personal level, we all have fears.  But, there are some that stop us right in our tracks.

Derailing everything.

How do you usually handle your fears? 82 more words


see you after groundhog’s day

I saw a really great ad for the streaming service Shomi today. It said something along the lines of it being Daylight Savings Time, and therefore 5pm feels like 11pm — all the more reason to start your binge-watching earlier in the evening. 372 more words


Keith Clark - Agrarian Recluse (Instrumental Tape)

Today I released my first project in over four years I hope you all enjoy! This is a experimental hip-hop instrumental tape that I was inspired to put out after a short conversation yesterday with Michael Christmas.

'As Quiet as the Dew...' SHY-con: Emily Dickinson

I have decided to do a series of blogs about shy/socially anxious people who did beautiful, brave or otherwise impressive things in their lives (shy+icon=shycon. Geddit?) An element of social anxiety is comparing ones own successes to those of others, wanting desperately to achieve, but feeling at the same time that one is too scared to follow through with plans, ideas, creative challenges… There are anxious individuals in the public eye who challenge this unhelpful nation, who create and speak and write and love and live despite their difficulties. 574 more words

Social Anxiety

Social Media

I think social media is an outstanding tool and good in a lot of aspects, but it has done more damage than good. Its a great tool for networking and keeping up communication with people that you do not see day to day but it can also have a negative impact on the people you do see day to day. 556 more words