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Random Gyan #12: Unwanted People

In life, never be afraid to cut off people that you’d rather not be with. Because when you don’t, you run the risk of putting your energies in unwanted people who mean nothing to you in the first place. 17 more words


Why are You Hiding?

Being alone for me was a defense mechanism, a means by which to avoid the conflict and anxiety of being bullied. Mama and I shared a three-room apartment, with a living room, bedroom, and a kitchen. 1,546 more words

Book Review: After the Fire by Henning Mankell

After the Fire
Henning Mankell
Translated from the Swedish by Marlaine Delargy
Vintage Books, October 31, 2017
ISBN: 978-0-5254-3508-2
Trade Paperback

Henning Mankell, who died in 2015, capped a distinguished career with this follow-up to Italian Shoes, in which Frederik Welin, a disgraced surgeon, was the principal character, as he is in After the Fire.  248 more words

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Living as a Junkyard Car

So horrible at communication.

This I know.

Yet, I found it the safest way to go.

The trappings of loving another…

Nothing but a graying destiny for a languishing mind. 55 more words


Emily Dickinson (Forerunners)

While some of Emily Dickinson’s more well-known lines had been in my head for years, I didn’t sit down with all of her poems until a flight from Atlanta ages ago, to attend my grandmother’s funeral back home. 1,545 more words

lens on a recluse

Strange does fit the recluse,
    Dresses up a bit the riddle of it:
        The somehow extroverted introvert,
Who, for calm, cavorts from the couch in it. 134 more words


Loneliness #midnightaiku

A secret garden
Bars of iron close the way
Forbidding entry


The gate stands open
Its locks long-since unshackled
No-one notices


So long defended… 7 more words