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Hermit, introvert, or asshole?

I love being alone.  For me, being alone is oddly narcotic; one of the few moments where I feel I can truly unwind, and be unapologetically myself.   867 more words


Broken Heart

Not metaphorically, physically. It turns out after having enough attacks you heart can decide it doesn’t want to play ball anymore.

In an ever worsening time of attacks and agoraphobia again after believing I was past it, it has become so bad that an ambulance was called again. 408 more words

Mental Health

10 o'clock list: 5 Things to Expect From Your Spring Break At Home

Ah, yes, it’s about that time. All of the key elements that are necessary to unlock before spring break can truly begin are all coming together — your January idealism has faded into a February acceptance as far as your failure to plan a trip with your friends. 640 more words



I find it increasingly unnatural to attend to the minutia of daily life. Often, it doesn’t even seem like I share the same mind as the people around me. 340 more words


The Brief Moments When I Stop Being a Recluse

Generally, my life is a really sad excuse for an existence. I spend a lot of time either overly emotional or on the internet or both (which makes for some very interesting browsing history…), acting like a total hermit. 166 more words

Daily Thoughts

Oh no, not you again!

I was an extrovert, I loved being around people and I even admit that I liked to be the centre of attention and I always had a joke or humorous story to share. 604 more words


That flower in the middle of the garden

withered away in the wait of the rain

or of someone who would let it grow

someone to protect it from powerful blows… 266 more words