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I've forgotten how to be human

Exactly a decade ago I was imprisoned by my mind, plagued by my fears, shattered by my sensitivities, robbed of hope by my daemons. For years I stood still and closed my eyes to the darkness surrounding me, only to find it behind my eyelids again. 507 more words

Personal Blues

Freedom On The Wind

I stare at the small, horned, red dragon— a mere baby— contempt in my heart, sorrow in my heart. How great it must be to be a dragon, for it has no worries, no fear. 447 more words


If you love Harper Lee, don't read 'Go Set a Watchman'

If Harper Lee wanted to destroy everything good she did in To Kill a Mockingbird, I’d say Go Set a Watchman was a massive success. 224 more words

What I'm Reading

Small pink shorts. 

Oh the joys of having a full weekend off with your partner. It’s amazing the things I take for granted in two or three hour log clips of time versus two full days of time. 547 more words


I told him often and
I couldn’t have made it clearer.
He needs to stop looking
At himself in funhouse mirrors.
His nose is too wide… 198 more words


Exploring the Galaxy (going beyond the garden fence)

I am an adventurer at heart but have a debilitating fear of everything unfamiliar.
I try to get out of the confines of my flat a few times a week and when I do leave, I can’t wait to get back to my safe space in front of the tv. 97 more words



Yesterday I made a life decision. I came to the conclusion that I no longer wanted or needed social media in my life. I no longer have any form of social media unless this blog counts. 230 more words