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ze zinger no. 19

Kentucky Bible Thumper: “JAH-HEE-ZUS SAVES!”

Reclusive Atheist Bank Robber: “I prefer withdrawal…”


Ze Jokez

Day 16: Recluse

Sweet 16! I have updated my ‘About‘ section with a few neat things. You can now support my work through a few options and you can also find my other projects there. 319 more words


What You Need to Know about Brown Recluse Spider Control This Summer

Brown recluse spider control is essential for Georgia residents, but there are reasons why it’s a job best left to the pros. First, the spider is often—as in, 80 percent of the time—confused with other species. 48 more words

Day 413: The Recluse

It’s back. The resistance and the periodic sleepiness. Breathing through it is no use – it’s here to stay. For a moment I realized that if I were to do what is best for all, I would eventually have to give up all ‘my needs’. 824 more words

7 Year Journey To Life

Sharing and Crescendoing

Why do I reach out?  Why aren’t I writing this thought into a piece of paper to hide away or a Word document to save on my desktop?   317 more words


Book Review: Friends Disunited by Richard Ayres

Friends Disunited is set partly in north Staffordshire and partly in south Buckinghamshire.

It is 2002, and Dave is 59.  A former university lecturer, he had to retire after suffering horrific facial injuries which have resulted in his becoming a recluse. 836 more words