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old souls

look into little dark eyes, see their wisdom

the one who lives within the form & sees through the eyes Knows Things

& has no words for them yet : the sounds which emanate from… 286 more words


Pensive she sat, raw and stricken

Determined to never forgive them.

From beneath grief’s shroud,

She regrouped and vowed,

That her trust must be earned and not given.

Two loners, a lift and some small talk

My 6 therapy sessions are paying off. For someone with social anxiety and an overdose of isolation I find it difficult to make small talk naturally. 408 more words

Bipolar Ride

New friend

and there you appeared

in the middle of my path

to reclusiveness

© Lize Bard @ https://wandererhaiku.wordpress.com/

African Haiku

Rocking the Boat

It was happening again.

She hated this house, hated him. He smiled menacingly into her face as she lay bound to his bed. Amina’s skin crawled as he ran the dull side of a blade down her throat to her navel. 2,481 more words

Creative Writing/Short Stories

Rocking the Boat

As soon as he opened his eyes, his thoughts immediately shifted to Amina. Yesterday was the first time he had met her. Sure, he’d seen pictures of her when he visited the Moorehouse estate, but nothing prepared him for what he witnessed the other day. 2,395 more words

Creative Writing/Short Stories

Rocking the Boat

Amina peeked from behind the curtains out her window scanning her leaf covered lawn. She could have called for professional service to gather up fire red and banana yellow leaves, but that would require face-to-face communication, something she’d rather not do. 2,272 more words

Creative Writing/Short Stories