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An intellectual, a human;

Critical thinker;

Creative problem solver;


Rhyaden's Release

Patience. What lessons I have learned on this subject over time. Right now, I’m working to get all the glitches out of my new web-site. Each time I think it’s right, we find something else. 307 more words


The man who knew

His reflection, illuminated in the dim light and sparkled on the mirror and for the first time, he saw his real face. It looked as normal as the sky on a dull afternoon or the town river, calm and tranquil. 1,232 more words


The recluse is released.

Yesterday, I was proud to do something I haven’t done in six months: I left the house by myself.
Those sound like the words of a broken old recluse, don’t they? 1,051 more words

#270 (vanished)

a shred of flowy fabric

deep green like a copse

stuck to a broken mirror

long since clouded

invisible to the eye

it moves between… 33 more words


Of Reclusive Survivals

♡🍃Of Reclusive Survival🍃♡ When the misty fog,
brushes past the log,
of woods standing tall.

She ties her hair,
Like a mare,
With a band in a bun . 101 more words