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Reclusive picks: Kafka 'Metamorphosis and Other Stories'

It is nice to find, among the abundant and varied offerings of literature, some singular writers whose work most captures ones own feelings or outlook. Such kindred spirits as these should be cherished and revered; to recognize their rarity and power is a correct, and non-diminishing, form of worship. 421 more words


Dismantling Fear by Generating Creative Energy

Fear is the killer. It stalks the underground of our lives, undermining the foundations of everything we build in thought. It is the true Angel of Death – … 483 more words


Who Cares

I love books. They’ve always felt like companions to me. I don’t mind being alone with them for hours, weeks even. Sometimes, I even prefer the company of books than of other people’s. 35 more words



When losing someone can mean everything!


The days are becoming shorter now, the time is slipping by

and things I used to do at once, I no longer want to try… 192 more words


Unselfish Individualism

Individualism has been given a bad name in recent years. It has been hijacked and corrupted by capitalism and neoliberal ideology, rendered disgusting and selfish. The ghosts of Milton Friedman and Ayn Rand both hover awfully above our greed-indulgent societies, threatening to push us off the edge of the social and economic cliff. 332 more words



Recently, I’ve become a bigger recluse than usual and although it’s entirely like me to want to spend my weekends alone, I feel like I am getting worse. 368 more words

Alone Time

Among the Ruins of Ourselves: the End-Species

There are so many days of ceaseless wanderings through the the hollow rooms of birthdays and sleep, and the reawakening bliss of modern-life sub-dimensions. We are our own specters in these endless fields, it is enough in these breaths to know ourselves and resolve to know more. 578 more words