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How to get out of a music slump. Or not.

My music stats have been appalling lately. Appalling as in I’ve barely listened to music at all.

Well, by comparison. 1 day 11 hours total for last week; in the words of Dustin, … 446 more words


Quick Guide: What is a muzzle brake?

A muzzle brake is a device installed on the end of your barrel with a specific design to change the recoil characteristics of your gun.  Muzzle brakes may look similar to flash hiders but they are designed for a different function.   337 more words

Sweet Light

“Light is sweet and it pleases the eyes to see the sun.”
Ecclesiastes 11:7.

Oh how we love the light after the bleak and after the dreary! 471 more words


Binge Meeting

I is narcissistic and self-obsessed precisely because I is hiding from being seen and therefore being seen & approval is what I craves and what I craves is what triggers an inflammation of the egoic mind when that neurotic need is supposedly met—much like the proximity of the ring impacts Gollum. 66 more words


Such a sweet gift is memory! It reminds us of our guilts.

The bloodstained hands, the torn up feet, eyes gouged out by our regrets. 148 more words

Creative Writing

Spiritual Porno

The ego seeps in through the tiniest of cracks much the same way as clingy people grope for purchase relentlessly: the slightest phoniness you grant them spurs them to latch on even tighter. 307 more words


Every moment you either engage or you recoil. Contraction is a given. You either contract around your contraction & recoil from engaging the moment or you let the contraction  ripple (and shift shapes) as you engage the moment.