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Blogging the lobbying billion industry.

We will show how to help or steal crushing with the TRUTH.

4u do you  remember front page yea my old blogg front. 39 more words


Why Ultrarunning is Basically Zombie Apocalypse Prep

Prepping for the Bigfoot 200 last year got me thinking about this age-old question: How would the twitchy trail kids fare during a zombie apocalypse? 356 more words


Chronicles of a bad idea: Building a Mk12 Mod 1 Recoil

A little background before I delve into the guts of what has turned into the single biggest project I have taken on: I am not a smart man and I have always had a soft spot for the Mk12. 2,163 more words


The RM380: A Pocket Pistol that is Actually Fun to Shoot!

I think I first saw a Remington RM380 at the Great American Outdoor Show in Harrisburg, PA in 2016. I was at the time exploring the purchase of a small pistol, but I also remember not being impressed with it or anything else I saw in that category. 3,274 more words

Concealed Carry

How to get out of a music slump. Or not.

My music stats have been appalling lately. Appalling as in I’ve barely listened to music at all.

Well, by comparison. 1 day 11 hours total for last week; in the words of Dustin, … 446 more words


Quick Guide: What is a muzzle brake?

A muzzle brake is a device installed on the end of your barrel with a specific design to change the recoil characteristics of your gun.  Muzzle brakes may look similar to flash hiders but they are designed for a different function.   337 more words

Sweet Light

“Light is sweet and it pleases the eyes to see the sun.”
Ecclesiastes 11:7.

Oh how we love the light after the bleak and after the dreary! 471 more words