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~is the practice of relaxing into the truth of this moment & seeing the phantoms I had been chasing a moment ago for the phantoms that they actually are. 164 more words

Tidbit: Bump Stocks

Welcome back to Polititube, for politic purveyors of the YouTube ‘you’-niverse!

Today we’re talking about a bump stock. If you don’t know what that is, don’t worry- unless you’re a gun enthusiast, you probably wouldn’t know. 299 more words



RECOIL is the energy transmitted back to a shooter from a firearm (gun, cannon) which has been fired.

For the gun shooters, or movie lovers who experience or see a person being pushed back after pulling a trigger, it’s for no reasons… it’s just the basic or simplest interpretation of Newton’s third law of motion.

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Random jukebox - Recoil

There are plenty who say that Depeche Mode are worse off without Alan Wilder, but I’m always tempted to suggest that the world is a better place for having  11 more words

Depeche Mode


The path to a good time in Recoil is to coerce orange to promote its initial planet.  If orange captures a nearby planet you will need 100 units each to destroy those two planets.  212 more words

Gamma Rays

To Shoot or Not

To Shoot or Not to Shoot

The topic of guns can bring out very strong feelings. I have strong feelings about the issue at the same time that I support the Second Amendment in the way I believe it was intended. 825 more words


Love of old couple-Recoiled

It was June. Summer was at its peak.

Dharampal was sleeping with his grandchildren on either side. Sleeping on the floor with bed sheets spread evenly on the floor was his favourite and he did not like sleeping on bed. 722 more words

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