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Everything was easy.  Day to day, week to week, month to month.  Time moved at its normal pace and everything was fairly predictable and stable.  454 more words


Frodo and Sam Rest For a While in The Woods of Ithilien

Frodo and Sam have been here before because the Field of Cormallen lies close to the refuge of Henneth Annûn. These are the woods that they came to on their journey, guided by Gollum, from the desolation that lay before the Black Gate of Mordor to the Crossroads, the Morgul Vale and then the great climb up to the Pass of Cirith Ungol. 597 more words

J.R.R Tolkien

Twinkle Faraway

Love. Fully and unconditionally. Then you will see behind those layers that most of us try to conceal ourselves within.

Can you distinguish if that laugh or chuckle is genuine? 116 more words


My Ántonia: a metrical note

In the introduction to My Ántonia, we are told the (fictive) genesis of the book to follow: Jim Burden and an unnamed female acquaintance (a childhood friend) discuss a shared figure from their past: Ántonia Shimerda, and make plans to write about her. 272 more words



Hello. This is my second blog post. How is everyone doing? It’s so great to have you all here with me on this wonderful November evening. 278 more words

Drifting Into The Unknown

I walk the streets at night

Alone, with blood on the tip of my tongue

I bit it again, anxious and aware

Of the darkness surrounding me… 236 more words


Try again, this time with God

Have you ever had that one moment in your life where you thought you already did what you could but still it didn’t turn out well? 1,740 more words