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I dreamed of you and when I dreamed of you you circled me, as you always do

You were there but absent, your presence present, as it always is, 165 more words



Her normal mental state she’s used to being in,  is at ease once she parks in the parking lot. All the surroundings are familiar, but they  are renewed. 853 more words

The Spaces Between Your Fingers (#6)

The Spaces Between Your Fingers

I remember you in the spaces in between
The darkest hours of the night
And the pale morning light
A lithe susurration of what could have been… 162 more words


The Benefits of Recollecting the Special Qualities of the Buddha

As long as someone recollects the Buddha’s special qualities, his mind is not invaded either by greed, hate or delusion. His mind is quite upright with the Buddha as object. 311 more words

Buddhist Articles

Prospective metacognitive judgments: Memory experiment

One more psychology experiment that you can participate in if you are willing! This one is a little different though – it’s about metacognitive judgments that you can make… 40 more words


Just give it a try

without fear or pressure

Let perfectionism cut in only at the final touch


Book Recollection: The Art of Bird Photography

Today I bring you the first recollection of the young year. Truth be told, I have been trying to get through this featured book for at least two years. 1,211 more words