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Watch AdéNichol's Video for “Recollection”

Inspired by their new-found love and past heartbreaks the two have endured, R&B/hip-hop duo AdéNichol have given us the official video for their first single, “Recollection.” 71 more words


"What's the date today?"

I didn’t plan to post anything today until my Mom – literally 2 minutes ago – asked me,

“What’s the date today, is it the 24th?” 46 more words

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I’ve spent the afternoon listening to the rebroadcast of All Things Considered.  The local public radio station plays two hours of ATC and then, replays it.  402 more words


Dear Me,

Before I start writing, yes, I’m very much well still alive and no, I wasn’t abducted by aliens.. Unfortunately. (It woulda been stellar blog content otherwise) I wish I was able to say that I’ve been upto ALOT lately within the span of my hiatus in the last 2 months but really, nothing exactly blog worthy has happened. 1,037 more words


I am thankful for my God

Do you want to be healed?

Friday night I’d spent my time catching up with friends which unintentionally lasted until 3am literally had a two hour sleep the next day. 860 more words



Back in December, after weeks of no sleep, fumbling around in Davinci and the temptation of wrapping my headphones around my neck, Recollection was finished. 191 more words


Hands, Yours and Mine

(c) Dee Ann Gomez @ http://deeanngomez.tumblr.com/

Always as it is, I could not exact
how I really feel about the past
even now while I recall it. 210 more words