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Good Morning Frankfurt 

“What is this life if full of care

We have no time to stand and stare ”

These verses I learned by heart

I recall them now as I halt… 49 more words


Aakhiri Shaam

Barish main bitayi hui us aakhiri shaam ki aanch se
Aaj bhi teri aankhon ki rangat namkeen ho jati hai !

Patjhad main chune hue un sukhe patton ki mehek se…

45 more words

The Picture

The Picture

I look at a photograph

I recognize the innocence

The face of my beloved

I recollect our innocence

My innocence

My distance

From then… 63 more words


“I Miss you.” She said softly, “I miss you too dear.” He said.

And then they put down the phone. He carried on with his work and she was carried away in her thoughts. 196 more words


Personality Traits Linked To Dream Recollection

The science of dreaming goes back to 1953 when Nathanial Kleitman and his student observed that there are two distinct types of sleep. The first, being REM sleep (rapid eye movement), that occurs in roughly half hour blocks in which you have about 4 blocks a night. 502 more words

Childish Memories - Short Story

Childish Memories

Perched upon the relaxing seafront of Margate lies my Great Grandma’s house. Till this day I still don’t know what became of that house, whether it was sold off to some stranger who had no knowledge of how much that place meant to me or whether they were kind enough to preserve its natural beauty for a few more years. 463 more words



Don’t confuse emotionalism
with soft-heartedness
I insist recollection of
kittens with hearts
those of lions

-William Leed-