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with the coming of the spring rains
the earth – once compact
– loosens her grip and
life obscene breaks trough.

The chestnut, maple, birch… 41 more words

The Practice of Recollection - Lion's Roar

An excellent discussion on remembering to establish the attention with full awareness on the present, on the here and now. Please click the link below to read the article. 31 more words

Buddhist Connections


It was a slow realisation:

your doubt on a plate.

Some routines should change:

I tried – but too late.

The stifling suffocation:

your presence chokes. 31 more words

The Marie du jour - May 5

Let us likewise place ourselves in the presence of the Virgin Mary, our model of contemplation, who listened faithfully to God throughout her life. Let us ask her to teach us how to listen to God, to grasp his words, and to live them out. 41 more words

Word for the Way for May 4, 2018

From our Father in God among the saints, Mar Isaac of Nineveh

You should be aware that not every book that gives instruction about the spiritual life is also useful for the purification of the conscience and the recollection of the thoughts.

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Patristic Practice