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Total Recall

Sometimes when you remember the worst days that have occurred throughout your life, the simple notion of recollection can make you deathly ill. Everyone is different in this respect. 715 more words



There are sometimes in your life when you are sitting with yourself and just do nothing.So, where are we when we are just surrounded by people, are together with no one with ourselves. 146 more words


FASHFEST—Colour my World!

Yes, we know we loved the monochrome, but sometimes you just have to have a bit of colour, and FASHFEST designers really know how to pop a colour. 84 more words

LFW Style

A Rainy Day

Yayy… it rained. Awesome weather after the scorching Chennai’s summer. Oh! it came as the showers of blessings. :)

Such a lovely weather and you are swamped with work.Can it be any worse? 153 more words


First so-called blogging

When I was maybe 10 or so I tried to write a journal. Unfortunately my sister found it about 5 years or so later. I remember writing and also her reading to my parents the one I had written that was mostly illegible (my handwriting has always been terrible) except for the phrases “massive pile of FECES” and “I was greatly relieved”. 42 more words



From the genus Epacris,  meaning “upon a hill,”  the heath flower is offered to Mary today.

They come in pinks, whites, and creams,   and are thought to grow best on a hillside, thus looking downwards towards the world, as though in a state of recollection. 204 more words

Month Of May

Random Thoughts

Self worth, I think, is one of the most broad and complicated things within ourselves. It can be gained from people around praising and complimenting us. 30 more words