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The secret of stillness

is elusive,

how the lilies cling to staunch stems,

how the roses, brown-edged

from the drought but uncomplaining,

let their heads droop gently down,

their hips holding them firm… 35 more words


Deja vu part 2

Everyone’s felt the embarrassment of not quite recognizing someone.

She walks toward you across the parking lot, her arms full of groceries. There’s something about the way her blond curls frame her face, the brown paper bag accentuating the pale pink of exertion in her cheeks. 643 more words


Who Writes History?

There is the narrative of the present and the historical record. Of course history evolves. It is a changeable beast. As is the narrative of the present. 249 more words


A Moment In Psychosis

This is my recollection of one moment in time when I was in the middle of psychosis. This particular episode lasted for over 6 months, I don’t know how I made it through but I did… 557 more words


Sharon Tate Recollection

I never met Sharon’s mother. I assume she was a magician, as a result of she disappeared within some months of Sharon’s birth. Her disappearance occurred forty eight years ago, and none folks, as well as Sharon, have seen her since. 207 more words

Strange dreams. I was at my house receiving criticism from a group of women. The scene quickly changed to an open-air, wrap around porch on the second floor of a building. 279 more words