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Project Studio 2015

Some new members in the gear family recently, including an MS-20 mini, a Clavinet and a Hohner Atlantic IV accordion. My RE-201 Space Echo and Leslie 760 are back from a long coma, too, thanks to Stephane Archambault. 12 more words

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Yael Naïm

The incredible Yael Naïm. New EP out today, new album in March. I was fortunate to tour with her in 2008, and it was just unbelievable to listen to her every night. 16 more words

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Alain Chamfort

Here’s a short teaser for Alain Chamfort’s upcoming record on the Pias Label, that I worked on a few months ago. The record is produced by Frédéric Lo and will be out in April.

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Reznor, Zimmer, Elfman, Powell, Beltrami

Highly interesting roundtable discussion with some of the best of the Hollywood composers. Though they ultimately achieve astonishing, brilliant work, the path that leads them there includes at least the same amount of anxiety, procrastination, doubt, politics, poor communication, time management difficulties and stress as what anyone else experiences.

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Big History

First of all, Happy New Year 2015 everyone!

One of the more interesting things I did in the past year was to follow an online course on a subject called Big History. 186 more words

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