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Why Not?

Why didn’t you see me, meet me, get to know me.
Before you advised against me,
Before you gagged me.
Do you know it hurts me? 130 more words

Rakel Leah Mogg

Epiphany Time

I wonder what this could be about.

You know when you realise something, and it hits you so strongly you just stop? Your stomach swoops, your heart skips, and at the same time your head becomes as light as a feather? 411 more words

CO2 Emission

Carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions are both natural and man-made. Natural sources include oceans, soil, plants, animals and volcanoes while human-related CO2 is emitted through deforestation, burning of fossil fuels such as coal, natural gases and oil for transportation, and energy for commercial, industrial and residential use. 440 more words


Time to reconsider the time-share market?

MINNEAPOLIS – Ah, spring break. Sun against bare skin, waves lapping at your feet, and hawkers pushing fishing trips in Cabo, Disney tickets in Orlando, helicopter rides in Hawaii and show tickets in Vegas, all free. 8 more words

The Case for Using a Master Do File

One of the trickiest parts of data analysis in the beginning of a project is file management. ¬†I have spoken before about how to get it right… 507 more words


Naming Variables in Stata (and other Statistical Packages)

Naming variables in Stata and other statistical packages is definitely a practice in balancing art and science.  Researchers and statisticians alike find themselves balancing their needs for the variable names to be informative, but not so informative that one accidentally mis-specifies variables and producing messy and problematic analysis.   609 more words


State of Minimum Wage$ in the U.S.

Since the U.S. instituted a federal minimum wage rate in 1938, various state and local governments have pushed for higher rates. Seattle was the first to increase its minimum wage to $15 an hour by 2017, a $2 increase every year starting from 2015. 360 more words