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On over-praising traditional society

While reading “The world until yesterday,” Jared Diamond, in which he talks about differences in state and tribal societies, I hit the following paragraph and just thought “Yes, exactly!” 157 more words


Poseidon's MDT - Day 14: How has Poseidon's worship changed over time?

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This post will repeat the fourteenth posts in the previous series. Because it’s pretty much the same answer to the same question. 440 more words


Reconstructionism Q&A

Q: What is Reconstructionism?

A: A rigid and strictly historically informed methodology of reconstructing the practices and world view of the past. It is revivalism of the cultures of the European-Mediterranean cultural basin. 286 more words

A quote from a dating sim game

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Something unusual today, as I will be sharing and discussing a quote from a dating sim game I have been playing. 621 more words



A double minded man is unstable in all his ways. James 1:8 KJV

Being double minded is to be unstable, without a firm foundation and blown by every wind of doctrine. 165 more words


Blog about indigenous Mexica polytheism

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Just a reblog today, to point those who might be interested towards a new blog on the topic of indigenous Mexican practices. Specifically the Mexica traditions, that is the traditions of the people most know as the Aztecs. 84 more words


Dominion Files (3) Recon world in meltdown

Every now and then the Christian Reconstructionist world goes crazy on whether Bojiday Marinov is a false teacher (he is) and a danger to the church (he is).   208 more words

Dominion Files