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I have a problem with people referring to modern polytheist practices built from past dead folk spiritualities as “reconstructionism”. I cannot say with any certainty that that term is accurate. 666 more words


Air n-Aithesc Imbolc/Bealtaine

The new edition of Air n-Aithesc is out. The print edition is beautiful. The digital is very economical, the price of a couple cuppas.

Here’s a photo of the Table of Contents: 9 more words


Taliesin's Feast Day

For Taliesin Radiant Brow, the great Bard of Wales on his Feast Day:

Bright-Browed, Wave-Bourne

One can float so long in the darkness

rocked softly, rocked violently, 61 more words


Thoughts on reconstructionism

Ever since I came to perceive myself as essentially pagan, a couple of years ago, and started reading widely in the online pagan/heathen subculture, I have been intrigued by reconstructionism. 574 more words


Mac Lir's Statue Stolen

A statue of Manannán Mac Lir on Binevenagh Mountain in Ireland, near Limavady in County Londonderry, was recently stolen. Really this is an act of desecration as a cross was left in its place with that all-too familiar message of militant monotheism, ‘you shall have no other gods before me’. 431 more words


The Satirist: Word In Opposition

A very venerable and important part of Gaelic tradition and of filidecht, the practiced of the filidh, was satire. Some of the most famous is about leaders who are stingy, inhospitable, and who offer mean rewards to the poets. 535 more words