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New Air N-Aithesc

If you have any interest in Celtic ways, check out the Lughnasadh/Samhain issue of our Celtic Reconstructionist magazine, Air N-Aithesc. It includes a fascinating look at the Morrigan’s use of incitement in the Second Battle of Maige Tuired, “The Role Of The Morrigan In The Cath Maige Tuired”,  which includes translations of poetic passages left untranslated by Stokes and Grey. 80 more words


Edu 6120: American Education, Past and Present [Session 5]

Educational Philosophy:  ProConstructEntialism

Reaction to the reading:

The western world’s evolution of its theories informing educational practices are an interesting circular in a few ways.  In the Age of Enlightenment, thinkers like Bacon with the help of Comenius shift the educational focus onto Empiricism and reason, where observing the natural laws aids in the expansion of knowledge.  913 more words

EDU 6120: Am Ed P&P

Many Gods West Pictures

I will be writing more extensively about the conference, but for now here are some pictures. The conference was a deeply meaningful array of experiences. It was such a welcoming place, and the need for such dedicated polytheist time was profoundly felt. 49 more words


Opening the Door to Jewish Spirituality

For over half a century Rabbi Arthur Green has taught Jewish mysticism, Hasidism and theology. He recently noticed a new trend. “Young people are asking a question that was never asked in my generation. 711 more words


Reconstructing Rites: Conor's Super Duper Method

Many people who wish to reconstruct a ritual or revive a holiday often are at a loss as to where to start. This is especially true for newcomers to Hellenism. 1,514 more words

Bith's Boat and Others

I’ve been playing around with writing some poems (in English) using traditional Gaelic forms/meters. Here are a few including a humorous rain prayer. Far from perfect but hopefully amusing. 296 more words