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Its Time Has Come: Of Taoism, Space Aliens, and Reconstructionist God-Language

I WOULD LIKE TO CONVINCE YOU that we should make a particular change in the way we talk about God. First, I must take two little side-trips, involving Taoism and space aliens. 1,477 more words

Translations Of Tanakh

"Whatever Their Enlarged and Numerous Senses Could Perceive" (Quotations on Pre-Christian Spirituality)

In The Marriage of Heaven and Hell, the visionary poet and painter William Blake gave a succinct and powerful statement of the changes in religious worldview that occurred in the ancient world.

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Wart Treatment: the blight of 'isms'

The body of Christ has warts. They’re called isms.

I’ve seen lots of them. I was born into Methodism and grew up in Brethrenism, where they taught me Dispensationalism from the Scofield Bible. 1,533 more words

Christian Comment

Concerning the “Legitimacy” of Contemporary Paganism

On a few occasions, I will see someone try to criticize contemporary Paganism by attacking its “legitimacy.” Some might criticize its practitioners for attempting to resurrect traditions that were systematically destroyed, while others may laugh and advance a form of misotheism against the Gods for being somehow “irrelevant.” These assertions are not only faulty, but are nothing more than a self-indulgent echo chamber of smug satisfaction. 655 more words

Learning the Value of Practice and Tradition

I was looking through old blog entries of mine today – not here, one of those other blogs that I never erased but set to private long ago, when I realized it existed mostly as a means to complain about people, that that wasn’t terribly mature. 1,749 more words


On over-praising traditional society

While reading “The world until yesterday,” Jared Diamond, in which he talks about differences in state and tribal societies, I hit the following paragraph and just thought “Yes, exactly!” 157 more words


Poseidon's MDT - Day 14: How has Poseidon's worship changed over time?

Χαίρετε ἀναγνώστες!

This post will repeat the fourteenth posts in the previous series. Because it’s pretty much the same answer to the same question. 440 more words