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On the Worship of Kronos


Today, since it’s the time for the Kronia festival in the Classical Attic calendar that most Hellenic polytheists use (in greater or lesser degree), I thought it would be a good time to talk about the worship of Kronos. 1,280 more words


The recons flee defeated on Christology

Here’s the context behind my recent post on Rushdoony.  I participated on a facebook thread where several kinist-reconstructionists were attacking Eastern Orthodoxy.  That put me in an odd decision, for I, too, have criticized EO.   1,118 more words


Building with Old Lumber

This is a true story, but it is also an analogy.

Many many years ago, my mom and dad built the house where I lived for eight years of my childhood. 254 more words


Chanting Amergin

am gaeth i mmuir

I am a wind on the sea

am trond trethan

I am a wave of the deep

am fuaim mara

I am the sound of the sea… 65 more words

QOTD — Gangleri's Grove

“Tradition is not the worship of ashes, but the preservation of fire.” – Gustav Mahler. A very nice quote posted by Gangleri’s Grove. I would add to this that for our traditions, who have been long suppressed and are now once more starting to grow, that “Reconstructionism is not the worship of ashes, but the rekindling of a flame from a smouldering ember.” 6 more words


How Covenanters Differ From Reconstuctionists

A good summary of Covenanter beliefs via Mint, Anise, and the Cumin:

We Covenanters are much more Uniform and Unified in our beliefs, doctrines and standards with only small variations among us on smaller points. 166 more words