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Opening the Door to Jewish Spirituality

For over half a century Rabbi Arthur Green has taught Jewish mysticism, Hasidism and theology. He recently noticed a new trend. “Young people are asking a question that was never asked in my generation. 711 more words


Reconstructing Rites: Conor's Super Duper Method

Many people who wish to reconstruct a ritual or revive a holiday often are at a loss as to where to start. This is especially true for newcomers to Hellenism. 1,514 more words

Bith's Boat and Others

I’ve been playing around with writing some poems (in English) using traditional Gaelic forms/meters. Here are a few including a humorous rain prayer. Far from perfect but hopefully amusing. 296 more words


Enemies on the Left, False Friends on the Right - Part 20

“Conspiracy theorizing about the Christian Right’s supposedly “secret” agenda involves highlighting the hate-mongering and bizarre ideas of a handful of Christian Right players while neglecting the broad popularity of dominio… 2,110 more words

Council For National Policy

Perseverance: My Interpretation

Here’s my eighth essay on the Nine Noble Virtues.


Perseverance is interesting because it’s the “get up no matter how many times you get knocked down” attitude towards life. 656 more words

Relationship, Hospitality, Race: A Druid’s Thoughts

Hospitality can, at times, be a complex thing. It does lie at the core of our tradition. With the knowledge that we have in the 21st century of interrelationships of all life I think we should be able to recognize that we are guests on this planet ourselves. 412 more words