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Shapeshifters: The Paganism of Identity and the Danger of Fascist Infiltration

1- Tha mi ‘nam Geangach

“Their primary focus is to now enter social movements, community spaces, spiritual communities, and the like, and influence them in a certain direction, usually towards the “preservation of the European traditions and people.”

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Cultural Commentary

My Reason for Revivalism

Recently, I saw a post by answersfromvanaheim.tumblr about the differences between reconstructionism and revivalism, and I’ve realised I’ve gone from one end of the spectrum to the other in the time I’ve been Heathen. 414 more words

Day 19-20: Offering Ritual

The last few days have been rather busy, and not just in the mundane aspect of my life. I have been meeting with other Pagans in the community, from very unexpected places, and I have been making offers to and dealing with certain spirits very often over the last 3-5 days. 399 more words


Day 16: Forming the Ghordhos

So, today’s readings and preparations were all about sacred space: not just the altar, but the entire ritual space. There is a world of difference in the way Deep Ancestors recommends sacred space be created and my own rituals; while one can see the… 630 more words

Beliefs And Practices

Now is not Then

Be Reconstructionist if you must, but no one is forcing you. Not even the gods.

Find what works for you, and stick with it.

That is all.

General Paganism

When Second Function Perverted...

Like dogs trained against their sensible nature, striped by whip and chain,

chained and fenced in pens, then unleashed in demented fury—

furious the bullies beat upon the weak when… 144 more words