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Bith's Boat and Others

I’ve been playing around with writing some poems (in English) using traditional Gaelic forms/meters. Here are a few including a humorous rain prayer. Far from perfect but hopefully amusing. 296 more words


Enemies on the Left, False Friends on the Right - Part 20

“Conspiracy theorizing about the Christian Right’s supposedly “secret” agenda involves highlighting the hate-mongering and bizarre ideas of a handful of Christian Right players while neglecting the broad popularity of dominio… 2,110 more words

Council For National Policy

Perseverance: My Interpretation

Here’s my eight essay on the Nine Noble Virtues.


Perseverance is interesting because it’s the “get up no matter how many times you get knocked down” attitude towards life. 656 more words

Greetings and Salutations!

Hey there, fellow witch-bits! My name’s Ets, and I am finally going public on my journey through witch-dom. Ever since I was nine, I have been in love with everything to do with magic (okay, yes, Harry Potter may have helped motivate me): I devoured books about numerology, ghosts, fairies, Solomon’s Ring, and the Hand of Glory; I memorized all of the tables of correspondences listed in those books; I practiced the mini “spells,” including one that was supposed to make me talk with animals; and I dreamed of a day when I, too, could be a Real Live Witch (TM). 417 more words


Relationship, Hospitality, Race: A Druid’s Thoughts

Hospitality can, at times, be a complex thing. It does lie at the core of our tradition. With the knowledge that we have in the 21st century of interrelationships of all life I think we should be able to recognize that we are guests on this planet ourselves. 412 more words


Faith-Based Wars: The First in a Series of Very Complicated Conversations

Any topic that qualifies as a complicated conversation generally contains a lot of heated passion from every side, regardless of the topic being explored. I will of course be talking from my own point of view, so go with the assumption that it’s my opinion. 3,550 more words


A Note On Celtic Reconstructionism

I’ve noticed so much confusion around social media lately about reconstruction, and Celtic Reconstruction in particular that I’m going to make my small part to hopefully unmuddy the waters. 615 more words