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My surgery was a success!

My surgery was a success!

I of course never doubted for a minute that it wouldn’t be—I doubted it for days, mostly in the what-if-I-die-on-the-table? vein, or far, far worse, what-if-she-cuts-in-there-and-there’s- 650 more words

Triple Negative Breast Cancer

What's the best option for breast reconstruction?

by Anu Bajaj, MD

“Implants are a cop out.”  My father has made that statement on several occasions during the past few years whenever we have discussed breast reconstruction.  853 more words

Plastic Surgery

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Ear Deformities, Otoplasty, and Ear Reconstruction: A Comprehensive Resource for Auricular Surgery

by Sammy Sinno, MD

My fondest memory during plastic surgery residency interviews was being handed a bar of soap with a plastic knife and told to carve an ear on the interview day. 513 more words

Plastic Surgery

I have my surgery date!

I received a call from my plastic surgeon’s secretary on Thursday with the date of my surgery: May 28. That had a few inconveniences attached to it—Tessa would be arriving back home from Russia the same evening; my boyfriend is planning to fly out May 29 to visit his sick father. 322 more words

Hate That Cancer